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My body still felt sore when I open my eyes again. My wound still ache but more bearable than earlier. I sat up and lean my back on the head board of my bed. I feel a bit better now. My fever go dow but my head still hurt a little. I look at my and its already dark outside.  I grab the intercom  at my bedside table and press the number of thw intercom at the Kitchen.


"Harold tell Sandy to bring food in my room."


"Sorry Young master but Sandy is not back yet. She went to school this afternoon. Don't worry I bring your food there." He answered.


"Okay." I put down the intercom felt a bit disappointed. After what happened earlier, the way she take good care of me, the way she smile it lessen my annoyance at her, and I wanted her to do it again. I sighed and just wait Harold to bring my food instead. Its already eight why she's not back? What time her class end?" 


After a few minutes a knock at the door come, and it open and Harold stepped inside with a tray of food on his hand. He put it on my bedside table before he face me.


"How are you young master? Are you well now?" He asked.


"A little bit better, my wound and body as will as my head still hurt but  bearable now."


"That's good. Can you eat alone?" 


"I think I can. You can leave now Harold. I just call you if I need you."


"Okay, young master." He said and left my room. I reach the tray of food and tried to put it on my lap, but I gasped when it slipped on my hand and all the content of the tray fell down on my bed as will as on floor. 


"Young master." Sandy worried voice burst and the door and ahe rushed beside me.


"What happened? Are you alright? You didn't hurt yourself right?" She asked checking my arms and leg, face washed with worries. I guess she just arrived and heard the sound of the glass that fell on the floor, and quickly rushed in my room because she was still carrying her bag.


"I'm fine. My hand just too weak to carry the tray, that's why its fell down." I explained. She place her bag on my bed and quickly gathered the utensils on the floor then clean the mess on the floor.


"I need to change your bed sheet because its wet and dirty." She said standing up. "Come, you sit at the couch first so that I can change your bed sheet.


"Can you stand up?" She asked.


"I think I can." I answered, and moved at the edge of the bed. I place my feet on the floor and slowly stood up, I smile when I did but I felt dizzy as soon as I straighten up and doubled forward but she quickly held my arms steadying me.


"Put your arm over my shoulder." She said. I obeyed her without complained and she guided  me to the couch and help me to settled down, be she went to my bed and remove my bed cover as will as my pillow case. I just sat there leaning my head on the couch watching her. 


"Done." She announce smiling facing me, then made her way beside me and held my hand pulling me up and help me back to my bed.


"Just wait for a while I just get your food." She said picking up the tray and went out of my room. 


"She's so kind to me despite how I treat her during her first day of work. If Dara is here, she would  take good care of me like Sandy did? I'm sure she would. I know that she has a kind heart as soon as I saw her eyes. I need to get well soon s

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