I Hate My Ex

Kibum loves coming at school. He has everything he needs: friends, popularity, money and a lovely boyfriend who is none other than the student life's association's president Park Hyeongseop he met at a weekly meeting of the school's representatives. He and his ex were debating loudly in front of their comrades about where they should organize their school trip when Hyongseop squished his hand to calm him down "Let it be. I will make sure we can organize a trip to Paris next year." he said. By those words, Kibum nodded and smiled towards the vice-president. That’s how they met and here they are, celebrating their 6 months together. He was living his best life. But one thing bothered his fantastic daily routine. He hated his ex.


Kibum walked through the corridor next to his boyfriend, talking about what they should do tonight for their 6 months together. It was a special day and they had to mark the occasion.

Restaurant? Cinema?” Hyeongseop asked, carrying his heavy bag on his back and giving the coffee he bought at the café in front of the school to Kibum.

I think cinema is good enough! We should go after the mee-

He was cut in his words when he felt a violent bump on his shoulder, making his coffee spill all over the floor. He sighed and felt Hyeongseop’s strong grab on his arm. Hyeongsop knew what would happen if he didn’t calm Kibum.

It’s okay Kibum calm down.

Kibum crouched down to pick up his coffee cup and lifted his head, his eyes analyzing the man over him who was the source of this disaster. “Yeah, it's okay Seop. Everything's okay."

He saw Jinki’s unbearable smirk to Minho, one of his ex’s boxing team’s friend. He tried intensely to hold himself back from landing his fist on his ex’s cheek and had many reasons to, otherwise his spit would already be spreading on his face. His highschool was one of the greatest of the capital and gathered the future elite in Korean's society. It was totally normal for them to be a strict school and they didn't hesitate over sacking students tat didn't behave well to not tarnish their reputation. He worked hard to be here. Also, the day his mom hears that her son had fought at school, she would maybe take the first flight to Seoul, pack all his things and bring him back to Daegu without any remorse. It was the worse situation that could ever happen to him.

Oh hello Kibum and… what’s your name again?” Jinki asked to Kibum’s beloved boyfriend by doing a small gesture of the head to him while Minho was gently pulling his elbow, trying to make him leave the corridor before any misdemeanour.

“You don't have to know. Now excuse us Muhammad Ali but we’re very busy today unlike some people here that are disturbing the hall’s trafic.

Really? What are you guys doing today? each other’s face in the toilet like always?


Kibum grabbed Hyeongseop’s arm and quickly left the corridor. How much he wished that his ex disappeared from his life.

Seop, I hate my ex so much.

You should ignore him. He’s provoking you because he knows you are hot-blooded. You’re playing his game by answering his provocations!

Stop blaming me, it’s his fault! This piece of …” Kibum mumbled his last sentence.

Anyway, he's leaving soon right?

I hope he is.

Kibum was a junior and Jinki a senior. It’s his ex’s last year in this high school. It also means that he won’t see Jinki anymore and this thought made his smile stick on his face the whole day. Patience is a virtue.

Kibum was happy and anyone could read it on his face. He spent his whole evening with Hyeongseop eating chocolates, cooking pastas, drinking orange juice and having the best session they never had.

• • • • • • •

Kibum was living the best days of his entire life. His crush, the boxing team’s captain was now his boyfriend. Everything was going well for Kibum. He had good grades, his parents were proud of him, he was rich and especially, he loved his boyfriend.


Hey Kibum!” Seeing his boyfriend, Kibum's face got closer of his, only him to step backwards and a smile from him. "We shouldn't do it here. The school administration could see us."


Suddenly, he heard the boxing team passing by and laughing out loudWhat’s wrong with them? They are always laughing at me.” he pouted. "Do I look that bad?"

It’s because of your weird green scarf. I think it’s funny too.”  

Kibum didn’t find anything funny with his designed scarf but he still laughed with his boyfriend. After all, maybe his scarf was a bit funny.



Hello everyone! Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes English is not my first language. This onkey fic is my first one so feel free to give your opinion in the comments, i'll be very grateful. Also, this chapter is very short but the next ones will be longer than this one. You can see it as a sort of... introduction? I'll try to update the next one the fastest I can!



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