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“There are many things I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how.”


this has finally come to an end!! Writing is really beyond of my comfort zone, but im glad I finished a short fluff one thank you for reading ^.^ stan chaennie <33


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SunnyNight #1
Chapter 3: Naww thats just cute ;)
Spaceisgreat #2
This is why I now find it boring to read AP books. Cuz they can't beat this stuff
21 streak #3
Chapter 3: Rosé the perfect hubby for her wifey!!
I cant handle the cuteness od this!!
Chapter 3: Ajxoejcoaoajd this is what chaennie warriors needs! Like the legit definition of good chaennie story.... Wish you would write more and more and more about them...
Chapter 3: Oh my God its so cute
13 streak #6
Chapter 3: bish.... i loved it! i hope you can make another fluffy chaennie :)
Mtothepink_ #7
Chapter 3: Cutie <3 my chaennie!
[deactivated] #8
need more(¬‿¬)
Sanatt 1 points #9
Chapter 3: Aaahhhh i need more
G_loo17 1 points #10
Chapter 3: Aaahh i need more