New Start

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Minhyuk's father has just been promoted into Vice President of Starship entertainment, so he's father has decided to relocate their family to a different part of Seoul. Now that they have moved to a new part of Seoul Minhyuk and his older brother Kihyun have to start at a new school. Although, this isn't just any normal school, it's a school for children of politicians, big busissness owners and music companies. Kihyun fines it very easy to make new friends and becomes  popular very quickly. While, Minhyuk gets into problems with two of the most popular boys in school just by accident. First, Shownu, captin of the baskeball team butts heads with Minhyuk. Then soon after having his run in with Shownu, he has a run with the captin of the wrestling team, Wonho. Both boys try everything in their hands to make Minhyuk an outcast of the school, but something else seems to happen instead.


I will be writing the first chapter later tonight, please look forward to the chapter and the story as it continues.


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strafield #1
Chapter 1: what a cliffhanger x______x
i really cant wait to see shownu and wonho fighting to get minhyuk hnggg