It's not easy for Wendy to try and hide her real thoughts from anyone. Especially from herself.


If you like to read angsty stories that do nothing to improve your overall mood, then you've come to the right place.

I've been wanting to write something very, very personal for a while now that involves putting everything I feel about myself into a fictionalized story. Hopefully, whatever I'm trying to convey through this fic can be somewhat relatable to some of you, so that I wouldn't feel like I'm the only one who feels this way.

This story contains depictions of my current mental health. It is not intended to generalize nor dehumanize those who have the same struggles as I do; I'm just trying to tell an honest story.

Inspired by the song '전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)' by BTS.


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18smyths #1
Chapter 3: Pls update
poplarbear #2
Chapter 3: Hello..?
redvelvetstan #3
Chapter 3: Yay you updated! Loved it xx
Chapter 2: T.T i definitely can relate to being the photographer with my friends. Please don't let Wendy be alone, you highlighted both Seulrene, joyri and saeri already .
I though you were referring to j-hope for a moment there until the English part, WenMonster is definitely a nonexistent ship compared to wenga and wenhope, so looking forward to seeing how they interact with one another
All in all, so far it's been a wonderful fix, MORE PLEASE
Pok_pak #5
Chapter 2: Well I'm loving this can't wait for more
Chapter 2: wow not to be that but i really do relate to wendy in this story aside from the fact i can't restrain myself from gorging on fatty foods lmao
i especially relate w/ the whole 'refuses to be in pictures but will be the photographer' thing bc i'm super ugly and can't smile
Chapter 2: Namjoo, like Namjoon from BTS, the RM?? Wow, it's the first time.. is it gonna still be angst? I dont wanna see her suffering alone :((
Eririn #8
Chapter 2: I had to google Kim Namjoon. Since Wendy has made a new friend whom she seems to get along with, things should be turning for the better?
Chapter 2: Never thought it's gonna be kim namjoon...wow
LemyNalla_ #10
Chapter 1: I'm liking the story, Please write some more :)