Signed, Sealed, Delivered


In which, Dowoon delivers packages at the right timing, or the wrong one (whichever his gut feel dictates).


Signed, Sealed, Delivered is inspired by my love-hate relationship in dealing with shipments and couriers. It will contain two oneshots: one Jaehyungparkian, and the second, Dowoon's story.

Chapter 1: In a Heartbeat

In which, a package for Jae is delivered to Younghyun's house. Conflict: Jae's not been home (yes, they share a home) for nearly a year now and Younghyun's mad at him for it.

Chapter 1 was originally intended to be a continuation of Hold on Tight, but after writing it in a different tense I decided to separate it and make it stand alone.

Chapter 2: Bucket List

Dowoon realizes what number one on his bucket list is going to be.

Dowoon's chapter is finally up! And it's with Wonpil! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Jaehyungparkian's story!


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Chapter 1: Sweetttt omg jaehyungparkian thank you
Chapter 1: geezz... this is so good!!!!
Chapter 1: Love the post scripts :) but i dun get the last bit? Why was Jae in the dark?