Doojoons pov

“ You guys remember that idiot reporter from our last interview right? The one who kept questioning Gikwang about his promise ring. He wrote a story that doesn’t match with what Gikwang said at all. Hara just showed the magazine to Junhyung and it’s even on the internet. He wrote something like Gikwang’s lover Kim Rian and his promise ring.” I say and their shocked faces keep staring at me.

“ What did you just say?” we all turn around to face Gikwang’s sleepy but shocked face.

“ well.. Gikwang just calm down ok, we don’t know as well” says Yoseob.

“ We better check the internet” says Hyunseung and opens his laptop and clicks on the article. Even the head title is shocking.


Everyone’s eyes were on the black ring Lee Gi kwang was wearing in their last performance where he kept kissing this mysterious ring. The secret behind this was found out in their interview after the stage. He clearly said it belonged to Kim Rian. A female who believed to be having the other pair of the couple ring. The lovers were never seen or caught in public before. The fans were never aware of the situation until Gikwang explained it to one of our reporters himself. So who is Kim Rian? She is believed to be Gikwang’s friend even before his debut as AJ……

“Please Stop reading it’s enough!” yells Gikwang and Hyunseung stops reading immediately.

Melina’s pov

I wake up to Gikwang’s voice. What is going on? I immediately get out of the bed and walk into the living room.

“ Gikwangshi what is wrong? Why did you scream?” I ask and they all look shocked looking at each other. Did I look that bad when I wake up? Why are they acting as if they just saw a monster?I realise Hyunseung closes the laptop really quickly and heads back to his room.

“ahh Good morning Noona” says Dongwoon hesitated.

“ Good morning beautiful” says Gikwang and takes my hand to take me back into the bedroom.

“ oppa what’s wrong? Why did they look so shocked?” I ask worryingly.

“ errmm….well there was…an article….on the internet there was an article about Junhyung and Hara that made us angry a little bit. No need to worry, our Cube president will take good care of it” he says struggling with the words. Ok…this is weird.

“ oh ok.” I say, not knowing what else to say. He then hugs me really tight, the hug is a bit different. As if it’s our last hug.

“My baby looks beautiful in the morning” he says and smiles so cutely and my mind suddenly forgot about what happened a minute ago.

“ Baby we all need to go to Cube to take care of some B2ST work ok, will you be ok on your own?”

“ Yeah Gikwangshi I will be fine, I might jog a little bit next to the river and I will look explore the area, is that ok with you?” I ask him.

“ of ocourse baby, feel free to do anything you want, no need to ask me if Its ok with me. As long as it’s ok with you, it’s cool with me” he says while smiling my favourite eye smile.

After we all have breakfast, the members leave to go to Cube building. I clean the house a bit; since it was already clean I don’t spend so much time on it. I change into my jogging clothes and get out jogging towards the river. The weather is not warm but not cold either. The wind makes me smile while I am jogging. After I am done jogging I decide to get some water from the shop on the other side of the road. Lucky I put some money inside my pocket just in case before leaving. I cross the road and walk into the shop. I take a bottle from the fridge and go to pay. The man greets me in Korean and I greet him back with my broke Korean. He is really friendly. I thank him in Korean and while I was about to get out my eyes realise a magazine. The cover has Gikwang’s photo and circled around his hand showing our promise ring.

What is this now? It’s in Korean; I wish I knew what it says. He looks so cute in the photo as well.

“Are you like B2ST?” asks the shopkeeper with his broken English.

“ Ah yeah, I am a fan of B2ST. Ajusshi would you mind telling me what the article is about, I can’t read Korean.” I ask him shyly and he smiles and starts translating.

“ sorry young lady, my english bad, it say B2ST Gikwang girlfriend Kim Rian, his childhood friend you know, now lover, black ring, you know couple ring, they both wear it, they boyfriend girlfriend. Aygooo. First Junhyung get a girl now Gikwang get a girl, Kim Rian? Her name pretty, she must be pretty….Young lady are you ok?”

Kim Rian? Gikwang’s girlfriend? Couple rings? Childhood friend? My mind is now filled with the words the shopkeeper translated. I bow to him and walk out. I walk towards the river and sit at the place where Gikwang was sitting when I surprised him. I don’t feel the wind anymore. Why is everything so quite? I can’t hear the cars, the river or the noise that’s coming from the people who are crossing behind me.

Couple rings? They are our rings!Who is Kim Rian? Melina pull yourself together, the shopkeeper couldn’t even speak English that well, he probably translated it wrong. Where is Gikwang? Oh yeah Cube building. I need to hear his voice, I need to call him and ask him. I trust him with all my heart, I don’t even know why I need to call and ask about this nonsense. But I call him anyway. His phone starts ringing. After couple of rings I hear a female voice on the other side.

“ Yabuseyo?”she answers

“ ahh Hi, Have I dialled it wrong? I’m sorry” I say in English hoping the person speaks English. I must be in a shock to dial a wrong number. I hang up quickly. I check the saved number in my phone and it is Gikwang’s number, I feel a sharp pain in my heart all of a sudden. With the pain, I dial the same number again and the same voice answers again.


“ Isn’t this Gikwang’s phone? Who is this?” I ask forcing myself to calm my heart down.

“ ahh yeah this is Gikwang’s phone but he is in the toilet right now,This is Kim Rian, who is this?” she asks me.KIM RIAN? DID SHE JUST SAY WHO THIS IS? WHO AM I? IT’S LEE GIKWANG’S GIRLFRIEND! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ANSWERING MY BABY’S PHONE!

This feeling is making me feel sick, I can’t even breathe properly. Kim Rian? The girl in the article. The man said it was Gikwang’s girl? What am I? NOOOO! Gikwang will never do this to me. I hang up the phone without even saying a word. I ran until my lungs are about to burst. My tears start falling out of my control. This sick feeling is making me feel like I will drop any minute. I have to go see him. I need to see him now. This can’t be. I make my way towards Cube building. He once said it was 10 minutes’ walk from the river towards north. After 10 minutes I saw a huge building with a writing on it that says: CUBE ENTERTAINTMENT. Ahh there it is! I walk towards the door, how will I get in? What should I say to the security? I’m Gikwang’s girlfriend? Noway!

“Melina! What are you doing here?”

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Gikwang and Melina's forever love

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