I Think I Wanna Marry You!

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Jongin finally bites the bullet and confesses...

In front of a room full of people, neither of them knows,

and to make things worse - at their own wedding.


Genre: Fluff, Enemies to Lovers;

Tags: Wedding!Au, Best Friends!Sesoo;

Pairings: Kaisoo, Hunrene;

Warnings: Dumb jokes;

Ratings: PG-13;

Length: One-shot (7k).

Read on Ao3 too! :3




This was prompted by the wonderful tipahnoona and I wanna thank her again! C:

I had so much fun writing this, and I hope I didn't disappoint!


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esther_noyel #1
Chapter 1: How in the world I missed these treasures this long!???? All the funny things are so good that I can't stop laughing....
Aw it's all so cute and lovely too....
I love married and domestic kaisoo soo much.... Thank you for this..... and I want a spl chapter or epilogue plsss
Gi_Ji_ #2
Chapter 1: So funny and cute! I laughed so ing much lol, this ideia of marrying each other is so funny i cant hahahaha all of them are so cute and funny,,,
Thanks for sharing this fic w us
Chapter 1: Awwwww T_T still makes me smile ☺
12hlui #4
Chapter 1: love it
Fujoshiqueen77 #5
Chapter 1: Omgggg this is so cuteee!!
kpopwonders #6
So amazing!
Chapter 1: I am re reading your fics and this is hilarious! I don’t remember if I commented on this one before but the humour omg I cant stop laughing!!!!!
Chapter 1: I was one of those people crying Y_Y so beautiful and heartwarming, please write more of them. I need to know moreeeeeeeee
anchovy0504 #9
Chapter 1: Ive reread this few times bcause i love it so muchhhh . Hope u can consider a special chap on their newlywed life
This is so pure i love it so much