Definitely, Maybe

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A Weki Meki family AU based off of the film Definitely, Maybe. 

Doyeon, the story teller. Lucy, the audience of one. Lucy is suddenly curious on how her mom Doyeon met/fell in love with her other mother. Doyeon has a hard time talking about her past, even with her own daughter, so to make it easier for herself she turns it into a game of sorts. Suyeon, Yoojung, and Elly are the other main characters, but my plan is to keep their identities a secret (just like in the movie) so you guys can try to figure it out along with Lucy! This might get confusing, hopefully it doesn't, but if it does I will clear up all questions in Author's Notes!


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Chapter 1: Please update?
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Chapter 1: omg ~ i love the story already
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