july - if any of yall saw an update i'm very sorry i didn't mean to; was trying to copy the story to post on ao3 and might have clicked smth wrong


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Chapter 1: It's beautiful..
I wasn’t ready for so much emotions :( I love this so much
Chapter 1: This broke my heart. But great plot.
Chapter 1: Wow that was unexpectedly beautiful. Damn you really got my waterworks going. And it doubled because I was listening to: She's Dreaming, that song is beautiful and sad like this fanfic. Thank you very much for writing this! :'))))))))
Chapter 1: I am literally crying, this was so beautiful it's unexplainable. Thank you for this story
Chapter 1: :')))))))))))))))))))))
Chapter 1: I should've taken the tags more seriously, this broke my heart more than i expected it to.. I'm not even into angst but i braved myself up to read this, and it's only soft angst but my pain is real or i'm just so soft and sensitive to sad endings heol.. But nevertheless, this one's sad yet wonderful, i love the poetic way u wrote their shortlived lovestory, tysm for sharing this beauty to us ♡