Archangel Island


It begins as a love story between a werewolf and a vampire on an island populated by all kinds of mystical creatures just trying to live out their college lives. That’s normal, right? Welcome to Archangel Island. Based on the work of @gymno_bot and @egabdraws.


This story was inspired by the AU created by @gymno_bot and @egabdraws, two of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and semi-working with. Please check out all the amazing creations they inspired! 

Gymno is such an amazing artist and person, and I hope to do justice to his work. I'd hope to really capture the essence of moonsun in this picture, but he was kind enough to give me full creative reign, sooo it's going to be just a little bit of an unexpected roller-coaster ride. If you know my work, though, you know that's a lie, hahaha! 

Archangel Island is a world built on details, and I hope it'll be a lot of fun to explore. I certainly did!

I also want to take a moment to say what an amazing side of the fandom this story has shown me. One picture has so far inspired SO may other wonderful works, and even those works have inspired other works. This is the true meaning of  ART, my friends! If you like this story, or this AU, please check out the many other iterations floating around the Internet. 

If you want to contribute to this wonderful community, I highly encourage it! Just don't forget to properly credit. It's my hope that Gymno gets all the love he deserves for inciting this wonderful phenonmenon :) 


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Congrats on the feature!
reveluv316 847 streak #2
congrats on the feature
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Congrats on the feature!
Chapter 4: I dont know how i just found this but im cringing ackkkkk
Chapter 8: Re-reading this story again
EscapismGalore #7
Chapter 5: I genuinely had to cover my face while reading the first part of this chapter, I was so embarrassed. I was legit cringing so hard, I couldn't even care about what others will thinknif they look at me. Jfc
EscapismGalore #8
Chapter 4: Oh my god, the secondhand embarassment is very strong in this one. Oh gosh
Thuzar #9
Chapter 4: lol this chapter is so funny and good!!!
La_Joke26 #10
Chapter 12: This was such a great chapter! I’m so happy that so much has been resolved and the girls can just be happy together. 😭 It was hilarious when Seungwan and Byul were being teased. Felt bad for them, lol. Thanks for sharing this!