sun, sunsets, moon


Moonbyul loves the sunsets. Yongsun loves the moon.


[a/n] : so i couldn't resist not writing for this even though i have a million other things to write (like a long script or a story portfolio that im supposed to pass today lol)


lmao sorry y'all its confusing i will rewrite this i just need to diminish my coffee intake hahaha but i still cant school works is stressing me some time later maybe


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Chapter 1: this is painful🤧 i want to know what happened😭
Chapter 1: this is painful
twiceonce999 #3
Chapter 1: I don't understand
Chapter 1: Wait.... i don't get it.....
Nobody dies right?
Then what is the reason yong left byul?
Is yong sick? :(

Thankyou for writing author-nim~