Walking Into Smoke

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Nothing is ever quite clear for Yumi, as though she was walking into smoke with every decision she had to make, not ever truly knowing what the outcome would be.

In a world where humans are the minority and the other creatures make up the majority, Yumi faces the tough reality of being a hybrid. Being a hybrid itself wasn't the issue, since there were hundreds, if not thousands by now, in the world that they lived in who were hybrids of several different creatures.

Yumi had it tough only because of what her hybrid mix was. She wasn't even sure what one side of her was... she just knew that the other was human. And having her parents mysteriously disappearing before she could even begin developing memories only made things more difficult.

The only things she did know was: that her surname Jung; the other half of her hybrid was either or feline or reptilian descent because her eyes were not human-like; and that another hybrid by the name of Byun Baekhyun might just have the answers she's been wanting to find.


Mhmm, yup, another foreword going up- dunno how I'm gonna try and write ALL of these unfinished/unupdated stories of mine, but oh well, that's why there are these things called New Year's Resolutions! Right?!

Yeah, hope this seems interesting enough~ haven't written much OC stuff in a while... or at all really, other than my other story...

Anyway~ I will try and update SOMETHING soon~ ^^


Credit to: My Shop --- Advertisement & Graphic for the amazing posters and background for this story! They're all so awesome [and I ended up using both posters haha~] You should all check it out~

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Chapter 2: This is easy going and simple and I love hybrids and I guessed .. more like imagined her as a cat when u mentioned her slitted eyes ^^
Chapter 1: I like