forever, we are young

y'all bout to go down soon. just wait


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teddyxox #1
Chapter 42: Your writing is great don’t forget this fanfic it’s the best I have read in a long time. I loved how cute sope is want more. Hoseok should go see his Mum. I hope Jungkook comes back soon and is able to be with the boys without his mum making all the decisions for him. The video chat was a nice touch I could just imagine it. Good luck:) fighting
Chapter 42: I could totally relate to you, I get so busy with my studies and I dont have time to write and its making me lose inspiration and also motivation :( but i hope things will get better for you! :D
Chapter 42: Nooooo plz don't loose motivation this is one of the best fics I've read ❤️❤️
teddyxox #4
Chapter 40: Oh no I knew it, now my heart is hurting not Namjoon’s grandma poor Namjoon stay with the guys they love you. And Yoongi what happened your unhappy it’s ok to tell the others don’t keep it in they love you and care for you, you have a family now they are here for you baby. Wow I knew things couldn’t have been as happy as they seemed. They all have their own problems I can sense them drifting . Like in the real story they are only happy when they are together . I am curious about Jin’s backstory and family. I wish Yoongi is fine and everyone is, I wish u all the best can’t wait for the update.
Cookiecali555 #5
Chapter 39: Beautiful story
teddyxox #6
Chapter 38: That was great. I just wish it was longer. I hope tae will be ok it was like everything was fine then it all came back. I am surprised Jungkook doesn’t know what happened, so only namjoon knows what about seokjin? I hope Jungkook is ok as well he seemed sad at the end. But jhope is the cutest he makes me melt. This was just like the party in run it was soo cool. I love the little references.
Chapter 11: this is new level of short i want to strangle u
Chapter 37: ssone one please do something to save tae tae please and
Chapter 9: this is the probably my fave chapter just bc namjoon stood up for jimin
Chapter 8: hosEOk knEW HiS moThER wAs a seLf saCrificiNg iDIoT whO haD rAIsEd a SeLfIsH soN