my suga


jungkook has a crying kink. 

so i decided to keep the chapters short for some sorry...


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thatwriter #1
Chapter 5: omg.....why are the members panicking?
Chapter 3: Jungkook is really feeling strong about him now, huh. And Jimin out there, doing all he can to make things easier for Yoongi when he's working too hard, that's kind of sweet
Chapter 3: What happened about Suga crying in previous episode?
Mimm893 #4
Chapter 2: Oh my heart, Jungkook! Go and comfort Suga!
Chapter 2: Poor Suga
Missedbyfate #6
OMG. This is so well written! Please continue. Hwaiting! ^^
Mimm893 #7
Chapter 1: I love this, hoping to see more. Keep it up!~