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The League of Extraordinaire has always been around. There are ten schools around the world and one stationed just outside the atmosphere. They have been protecting humanity for as long as anyone can remember. Now though they are facing an enemy they can not handle. Students are being evacuated to the Atmosphere and schools abandonded. The League is doing everything they can to help but there isn't enough of them to hold back the darkness. 



The league of Extraordinaire


The League has been searching for children who show potential across any borders and have been offering them sanctuary and training. 

The school in northern Europe was the first one hit, followed by the ones in Mexico and Canada. All three fell. The Russian school was attacked but remained strong. Antarctica was the first to abandon and retreat to the Atmosphere followed closely by New Zealand and China. India was destroyed with all the students still inside. Brazil was prepared for the attack and evacuated when the attack started. The Atmosphere was beyond maximum capacity so students started being sent to the school in  New York. 

An emergency school was set up in Incheon for the students who couldn't get to New York and started training young Extraordinares. 


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✩ TITLE: The League of Extraordinaire
✩ AUTHOR: Krissy
✩ GENRES: Supernatural AU
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Chapter 7: oh man, I'm so hyped :)
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Chapter 8: Omg this chapter is intense already hahaha ... all the powers look very dangerous.... no? Only me then.....? Lol
Can't wait for more interactions~~~~
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Chapter 8: Uhm... Seems Yumei caused too much trouble, huh? I hope she won't get expelled because of the trouble she caused.... Please take a good care of her, she doesn't really know what she is doing. Okay well, maybe she know, but she just can't really control over it just yet >_< omg luckily she didn't destroy the whole school! And for the translator boy, sorry on Yumei's behalf ^^;
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Chapter 8: The title says it all and yes i think it would have gone worse if they continued. Imagine if miyeun was still in that room when they were fighting. Ooh boy with her powers which are very dangerous bad things would have happened.
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Chapter 8: Oh dear lorrdddd!!! XD Can they like chill hahaha i mean they need each other to fight the bad guys not fight each other hahaha.
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Chapter 8: Wonder why miyeun stayed behind. Wow they are out of control hahaha. Powers being thrown at each other. Must say that the cryokinesis that she possesses is strong.
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Chapter 8: Ooooh boiii these little bits of action are getting me hyped!!!!
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Chapter 8: Yeah schoool fighhtt wooot woot wooot! Congrats to the chosen characters.
Chapter 7: yayy~ it's starting.. love the interaction between the roomies. cassandra never shut hahahaha. pity sae un that she have to deal with her lol
Chapter 7: the incheon school seems to be running quite smoothly for what's going on. sae eun is a bit more prickly than i had imagined but seems like her roommates didn't take offense which is nice haha.