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Once a friend told me, "It's not about finding The One, it's about making him The One." 
This is a story between a university graduate student and a prince.
A romantic love story that crosses the millennium.

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“If there’s fate, we’ll definitely meet again.”






The story is entirely fictional and has absolutely no connection with the actual real Goryeo historical events or persons. Please do not compare this story to actual Korea/China history. I didn't plagarize any novels or dramas out there but Time Travelling is a popularized concept. Hence, should there be any similarities, it is purely coincidental!

Secondly I have originally written the fic in chinese but I have since removed the chinese version from the net hence as of current I do still have certain difficulties switching them to Korean thus certain parts are mostly loosely based on traditional chinese cultures (which explains why this is all fictional), however, certain areas and virtues are actually very similar to Goryeo traditional cultures especially the Royal Family parts.

Another reason is also due to the fact that I studied Korean better with the help of chinese since some words are really similar, I watch korean historical dramas with chinese subtitles....

(: I would be putting corresponding chinese characters (汉字) and also explanations of some words at the end of the fic to help my dear readers better grasp the picture. Hope you guys can also learn something new from reading. 

Thanks for your patience in reading this super long winded explanation of how this poor fiction came about. Hope you dear readers will enjoy this fan fiction as much as I enjoy fan-fictioning it with my ultimate bias as the main character - Ong Seong Woo!


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She's a modern day university graduate with no interests in socializing which she sees as a waste of time. She's smart and adaptable to any social situation but she just didn't like it. When it was finally the day of her graduation, her hopes of getting a job right after was ruined until a surprising turn of events transformed her into the daughter of a well respectable family- thousands of years ago?!



The 9th Prince(九王爷) (maknae) of the Royal Family. Due to his introverted nature, he's well versed in caligraphy, poetry, painting and literature. Due to that nature, the King often compared him to the current Crown Prince(皇太子) whom only grew more jealous and disdain towards his 9th brother. There's just one thing however, Seong Woo has always rejected the King's offer to marriage. While all the other coming of age princes has already each gotten at least a wife, some two, he is eighteen and yet to have a single Side Consort(侧妃).




Most trusted retinue of Seong Woo. Having best swordsmanship in Seong Woo's Ho-Woo-Geun. Gets very worried and concerned for his master especially his love life and anything that might jeopadize Seong Woo's life. 



Kang Yoon Hee's older brother in her "second" life. Handsome and lovely. Young Master of the Kang's family. Loves his sister very much and would do anything that pleases her. He didn't want her sister to be involved in any royal feuds but after all respects his sister's decision.



The 5th Prince, Seong Woo's older brother. He has the best and closest relationship with Seong Woo among all the other princes. Witty, playful, full of tricks up his sleeves. His favourite past time is making fun of Seong Woo with regards to his non-existent love life and gains enjoyment from the maknae's reactions. He already has a Princess Consort (五王妃), who is kind and thinks very much about his future and status.



Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Gong Hei Fatt Choi!
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