Evolution University

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Jennie Kim has little to no idea of what her powers are or how to use them. To make matters worse, she’s one of the few who was chosen to be the first cohort of students in Evolution University, a new University for the gifted. Challenges and obstacles await Jennie, Jisoo, Chaeyoung and Lisa as they figure out the dark secrets about Evolution and the meaning of their friendship. 


A year ago, A pink meteorite crashed on the city of SquareVile. This meteorite of unknown origins engulfed the city in pink Aura that night, it hurt no one in the city, well at least that was what the people in SquareVile believed. 

Few weeks after a small population of the town started experiencing enhanced abilities and gifts. Sightings of individuals who were unable to control their powers were commonly seen, causing chaos and harm on the streets. The Government of SquareVile wasted no time controlling the situation. Fearing for the safety of the people in SquareVile. The government started an initiative whereby all gifted individuals would have to attend a special university for a year to develop and learn how to use their gifts.

A year later, Evolution University was ready for their first batch of super students. 


“Dear Ms Jennie Kim, 


You’re being selected to join the first cohort of Evolution University to develop and learn about your abilities. Please kindly report to Evolution University for your first day next Monday Morning at 8am. Thank you.




Principal of Evolution University”


This will mainly be a blackpink fic together with other YG artists appearing in the story. Chapter 1 will be coming really really soon so do check it out when it comes :) mean while feel free to comment on the foreword or your thoughts in general
Or what you wish to see in this fic. Those would be very valuable to me. Thank you.

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tunnel1234 #1
i'm a blink & i'm new here :)
starxdust #2
so good! :3
Meme_lisa #3
Chapter 6: Jenlisaaa !!!! Please make them a couple!!!!!!! ANd a bit more action would be great ??
Meme_lisa #4
Chapter 5: Can you please hurry up and download the next chapter
wonderful ✨
wonderful ✨
TheHappyChiaki #7
x3GorJessSpazzer #8
Chapter 3: I guess it would be GD :P
Poohbear209 #9
Chapter 2: Omg this story is really good! I hope jennie has some lit powers too lol
x3GorJessSpazzer #10
Chapter 1: Hmm maybe Lisa can have fire power? Cuz she is too hot kekeke!! Chaeng can have psychic? Not sure hahaz. I can’t wait for the next chapter! :D