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Suddenly one normal night at the club becomes an exciting experience for Jiwoo as a certain drunk woman appears and makes a scene.


"I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU! HOW COULD YOU JUST CHEAT ON ME!?" Somin screamed while punching the person in front of her. Everyone at the dance floor soon turned their attention towards the intoxicated, screaming woman.

"Umm.." Jiwoo sheeply looked around, "Umm, ma'am, I'm not your boyfriend. I just work here."


New KARD comeback just triggered my Sowoo feels even more .

Other Sowoo: Call / Photographer / Sowoo One-Shot Collection!

I'm thinking if I should do a bonus chapter/part two but right now I'm not sure. But I hope you guys enjoyed!


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BaechuJyuu #1
Chapter 1: Re-read again in hoping for part 2 *puppy eyes*
godwon #2
Chapter 1: i know im late but please make a part 2!
godwon #3
Chapter 1: i know im late but please make a part 2!
Chapter 1: In need of Part 2 here! Yay!
gosh the story and so well I would like so much who has a sequel
Skyfull_ #6
Chapter 1: write a lot story of them please~~
Chapter 1: If you make a second chapter, for sure I'll love that!
Aaronissohot #8
Chapter 1: YES I TOTALLY AGREE FOR PART 2!! it would be so so so cutee!!!
i love this setting lmao BM is a jerkkkk boss but we all love that LOL