A Shot At Redemption

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What happens when old flames reunite? What if the person you’ve learnt to forget came rushing before you? You can never run away, for if you do, you can never learn to love again.

Not until you learn to heal.

Not until you learn to forgive and forget.  


This is the sequel to Flirtationship.

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Fast forward to five years, you found yourself working as an event photographer at a mediocre studio in the city. You led a quiet life, with old friends who stayed by your side, and new friends to keep you company. The studio you’re working at is striving to go to the top. An opportunity arises when you were given the task to cover the announcement of the engagement of a very wealthy, and a very well-known bachelor in the country. You never would have thought that one measly task will not only seal you a spot in the industry, but will also welcome back haunting memories of the past. As you stand there, looking at the man, with the woman he’s supposedly going to marry, images of the past came flooding before you. The wounds you thought that were finally healed through time, started to bleed once again, staining that smile you worked so hard to fake for years.


It was a start of a new day, a new day where a lot of secrets will be revealed, and of broken hearts that can never seem to be mended.



Author’s Note:

My biggest hindrance in writing this, funnily enough, is the title. I cannot think of a more appropriate title for the sequel. I mean, come on! Flirtationship II? That’s ing corny!!!

Not sure how long this fic will be. It depends on how the readers will react to the story. Usually when I write something, I already have the ending in mind, but with this one, I only thought of how the first few chapters will go, so, bear with me. 

If you cried in Flirtationship, best believe you will cry here too. If you hated Sehun, then you’ll hate him even more, but then love him a little too much too. There will be a lot of crying, and angst, as well as closure.





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