Burning Desire

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Meeting a self-absorbed jerk is one thing, but working for him is another.



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Sequel of Flirtationship: A Shot At Redemption





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Hello everyone!

It's me again, trying to write a second story, smh.

This is another EXO fanfic, this time featuring Nini. (I know, I'm hopeless.)

Testing the waters, let's see if this'll spark up some of your attention.

Hit me up on  Curious Cat and Twitter

You can talk to me, pester me to your heart's content, or even just drop by and say hi.

Just as long as it's in no way degrading and offensive, I'll be there to reply, I'm online 24/7.



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Chapter 12: Gosh I'm in love with your fics!!!!
I know hyunmi said yes coz I had already read a shot at redemption, but I don't know why and how... God I'm dying for the updates of these two fics!!! Update please authornim??
shinaej #2
Chapter 13: Oh my. Just subscribed to this fic. Sadly, the last update was three yrs ago ??
I hope you'll continue with this pic. I am hopeful because you have not yet deletd this one ?
Anyways, please be healthy and God bless authornim.
Chapter 13: Wait. Your latest author note says about 3 years exo l. Oh my god !! This freakin true, so that's means you wrote the latest chapter 3 years ago.... And i really subscribing and waiting for 3 years... Author nim!!!! Don't abandon meeee, i mean the story ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Chapter 13: Whaaaaattttt ????? I thought this story has complete already. Hahaha fool me. But i really remember subscribing this story for a long time.. Anw, i rooted for your story !!!
sehun19 #5
Chapter 12: Omg i really like this story ..cant wait to see what her answer =)
ilovekorea37 #6
Chapter 1: I loved this story with Kai! I upvoted because it made me wonder if relations like this could start out this way lol. I loved your stories lucidbunny, good luck with your new job!!
thetrc25 #7
Love your stories! Would love to hear an update from you <3
427 streak #8
Chapter 13: I had a feeling his biggest problem was about beong forced into marriage. My imagination is running away with me on scenarios. Btw Double Trouble is pretty good so far.
TIZZI91 #9
Chapter 13: ?? can't wait to see what she will answer ^^
Ode2kdrama #10
Chapter 12: You can’t leave your readers at this cliffhanger lol!