Behind the Curtain


Youngmin and Donghyun have always been close. From being in the same company to struggling thoeugh Produce 101, their relationship grew and became strong. 

Both have feelings for each other but are too scared to confess. "What if he doesn't feel the same way? Our friendship could be over." These thoughts dominate each other's minds, being the cause for their fear. 

This is their story in the complicated mess called Produce 101.


I literally am obsessed with this duo. When I decided to watch Produce 101, I didn't expect to drown in all the ships, and I also didn't expect to love this show so much (if you haven't watch it, what ar eyou doing!? go, watch it, and tell me how much this show has destroyed your life too lol)

Hope you guys enjoy!! btw this will be mostly fluff so get ready for the cringe hahahh :)

Hey guys! Hope you guys liked. I know I am starting off slow but I promise things will speed up as their relationship progresses. Also, this will have a lot of chapters so look forward to this story. I am super excited to write it!!


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Chapter 1: jejejeje they are cute >u< XD