The Night Reminds Me Of You

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Taeyeon would go up to the rooftop of their house at night to voice her frustrations out. She didn't know that someone from the next rooftop was listening.

Hello guuuys! Sorry I took this long. I hope you enjoy the latest update :)

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aiiyth #1
Chapter 6: sweet xD
Thanks for the update...
Chapter 6: Still, taeyeon havent seen J's face. And Taeyeon touching that thing lol Congrats Taeyeon!!!haha
I wonder what's the deal with Jessica
Chapter 6: This is nice
choco-munchkin #4
Chapter 6: They finally 'met'! That last part though...i have a feeling jessica is also having a hard time with her own life.
Chapter 6: finally they meet!!omaigodd its took u so long author nim~hahahaxD anyway,J reaction is really priceless..hahahaxD thx for the update anyway
Authornim, please continue this story :(
Amjeti20 #7
Chapter 5: Is J mute?
Chapter 5: JFJSJIWJDNFW WHY THEY WERE SO CLOSE FJESIDJFJEJW but thank you author for the new update and can't wait for the next! :DD Let them meet soon please xDD
Chapter 5: omaigod!! why didn't u let them meet author nim??xD i screaming frustration right now since they r so closeeeeee~anyway, thx for the update author nim!!(∩_∩)
73 streak #10
Chapter 5: Whoaa so close! Let them meet already ㅠㅠ