Balance and Ruin


A Final Fantasy VI AU: Chocobo rancher Kang Seulgi gets taken on the ride of her life when a group of rebels calling themselves the Returners abscond with her birds!


EDIT: Cover art made by the ever-delicious and always ineffably lovely author bubunn! AKA Eclair~ <3 Thank you so much!!!! 


1,000 years ago, there was a battle known as the War of the Magi. The chaos surrounding these events nearly rent the world asunder as figures attempted to take control of the gods' forbidden magic and use it towards their own ends.

But magic is not it meant to be controlled by fickle and flawed humans, a race consumed by greed and petty ambitions. Indeed, the gods decided that magic is not meant for this world at all, and made a pact with each other to seal their essences away. They told the survivors of the war to uphold one final decree:

"We must never be woken."

But even as the gods turned themselves into stone to remove temptation from the humans, they had underestimated their lust for power. While the gods slept, the humans were busy hunting down every rumor, every trace of magic that remained in their world, collecting it and using it for their own ends.

And as war brews again, the Empire of Gestahl threatens to tip the world out of Balance, and plunge it into Ruin.

I've got some iconic scenes and lines coming up in the next few chapters and I am worried that y'all will think I'm making it up but really I'm taking it straight from the game rofl. The game is just really dramatic.

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Chapter 19: Okay so I read this in one sitting and I am officially in love with this. Seriously. Your characterisation of everyone is SO on point and the flashbacks for Irene were so sad but so necessary - it really built her up as a character and I love how we have little mysteries surrounding the characters still (we have so much more to learn from them and I am SO READY) like who Yeri lost, what is up with Moonbyul's pensive nature (a certain someone might turn up??or be the one that got away) why seulgi is really strong (but I assume that is something to do with her 'strength level' being really high?). I also love (I mean there isn't really one bit I didn't love but...) Irene and Seulgi's relationship in this and how understanding and patient Seulgi is with Irene. It is so nice to see her having such wonderful support after all those years of trying to stand on her own with no one to protect her. You have done an awesome job at bringing the final fantasy world to life, I LOVE IT! Ughh, you are super talented and I AM SO EXCITED for the next acts!!!
Also, am I right in thinking that Leeteuk is based on Kefka? I like the way you seem to be going for a more sympathetic bad guy...they are much more interesting to read. :)))))
I am legit going to re-read this now because I just liked it so are definitely going to see me start appearing in the comments section of all of your stories probably saying how much I enjoy them
Chapter 19: wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk what is this (not so) subtle wenrene
just the beginning of the end act, is it?
Chapter 19: Oooooh so Irene can summon Shiva now? My favorite summon is Bahamut aghhhhh I'm shoookt.
I'm really excited for act 2, I have high hopes in Seulgi. Hope she gets as badass as her other teammates. lol
I like how Leeteuk acts like Kefka. I still haven't gotten around to play ffvi again, but I read from a lot of forums that Kefka is the best Final Fantasy villain. I personally like Ultimecia cause she's hot af.
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Chapter 19: “How hard can it be?” Thank god it didnt turn out to be one of those famous last words cases..or will it? Hmmm
I’m surprised Heechul hasnt gone mad that his life’s work just went pooof and disappeared, not to mention his lab went into chaos. Or is he already half way there?
Leeteuk is exp001?
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Chapter 18: Solji the mom lolol flashback to all the stories i've heard about her from you to date XD
question! "she's a part of you now." <--- what does this mean? did heechul use her dna samples or something and created some kind of clone? ya know? like Wolverine and X-23. but not gonna Irene clone would be so cool but also so not good for the gang cz then they'd have to deal with another Irene which..ya know is not gonna be pretty. (but i think an irene clone would also be equally pretty XDD)
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Chapter 18: isn't shiva supposed to be a almighty god in this universe?
with this chapter i'm really left speechless. or wordless. breathless? no comments. quite literally.
no, i do have something to say: joyri. also: heechul
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Chapter 18: MA HART!!

*screams in korean
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Chapter 18: Whadaya mean she's part of Irene now? Yah!