All That Glitters 2: The Future Holds a Lion’s Heart


The story isn't over, no, it has barely begun, so why don't we start a part 2 to continue the fun? This is a tale of a new group of Knights, our favorite girls who have inherited others' fights.



Another story begins,
The Faerie doth tell,
But who will be next
To fall under their spell?

It starts as it ended,
With a woeful dirge and dance,
And caught within the shadows
The Knights again take their chance


The drums of battle beat,
In the ne’er-ending war of Banality
And all must take heart
For the coming calamity

A fugue, a round
The generations come to a junction,
And those who were once Lost
Will soon recall their function.


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KaiserKawaii 35 streak #1
Chapter 4: Oh. Everything feels like it is back to null.
born10966 #2
Chapter 4: So Leetuck asked to erase all the pain he caused for the people he hurt. So he again is doing things on his own thinking he is doing good. But again he isn't considering the other feelings. The king also lost his memories.????. Thanks for the update Author Nim
965 streak #3
Chapter 3: What happened?? I'm confused! Does the old man have anything to do with their memory loss??
Ohh I can't wait for the next ud!! This is getting me excited.
Chapter 1: Leeteuk…I didn’t trust him in the first story, and I won’t trust him now.
Part 2?!?! YES! I’m going to go re-read part one first.
Chapter 1: 👀👀👀👀
So excited for this 🤩
Omg authornim! You’re back from the shadow realm! Can’t wait to read this whenever you get to writing it✨ Will be patiently waiting 🤩