Mobile Suit Gundam: Dive to Blue


Yeri's always dreamed of becoming a mobile suit pilot, but she gets more than she bargained for when Kang Seulgi of the Republic of Zeon crash lands in her neighborhood.


The war was over, but the battle raged on.


A five-part story based on Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.


Thank you so much to Tantan and Eclair for all of their work on the art of this piece. Helping me visualize the characters in the setting was a big motivator, and I couldn't have done it without their encouragement. 


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Chapter 5: This was so good. Never thought id ever read a rv gundam au though lol...
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Chapter 1: Ahhh Ohhh so Irene is part of the Earth Federation Secret Research, now that's an interesting part of the plot.
looking forward to reading this !
Chapter 5: Wowwww! Thanks for this story authornim! I really enjoyed it. ❤
Chapter 5: Wow thank you and take care author-nim
HeinzKang99 #6
Chapter 5: eyyy i like this storyyyyyyyy thank youuuuuu
Chapter 5: oh i found this randomly but cool story :)
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new subscriber here! 💛💗
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Chapter 5: The best!!!!!!

It was so rare to read fanfics with mecha theme.
Great job!
Chapter 5: GAHH THIS IS SOO GOOODD!!! I binge watch this in one go and I just can’t stop! I can’t get enoughh of thisss first of all seulrene is just too die for, like wth why are they so cute teasing each other like that and I love it so much 😭 secondlyyy the battle so cooolll, they way you write it is just straight up awesome! Thirdly yeriiii with seulrene is superr cute hahaha I’m curious what’s happening to wenjoy and kibum now! Are we getting an epilogue for this?? I surely hopeee we will hehehe thankyou author nim for sharing this awesome work of yours!!!