Operation Wenstal

What Do I Do?

"Seungwan.” Krystal raises an eyebrow, sounding surprised. She leans down just a little, until they’re eye to eye, “I’m glad that it’s you.”

“Thank you?” Seungwan doesn’t have anything more to say and shuffles awkwardly from foot to foot.

“I’ve always thought that you’d look good in black and white. So it’s pretty convenient that you’d be the one to help me out. I appreciate it.” She’s bouncing up and down in place from excitement and there’s no way Seungwan can take that away from her, not when she looks someone has given her the cutest puppy on earth. Seungwan will not take it away from from her, whatever it is.

Seungwan thinks that she’s missing something. There’s something Krystal knows and she doesn’t. She looks down and rubs at the nape of her neck. There’s a conspiracy afoot and she’s blaming Taeyeon and Tiffany.

“It’s really no problem. I’ve been looking forward to it.” She settles for the most generic response known to mankind. The go-to for everybody that’s ever had to make things up or had absolutely no idea what’s happening. By some miracle, Krystal believes her.

“Great. Let’s go. I booked us a table for two.” Krystal’s smile is small and shy as she offers her arm and Seungwan is charmed. She loops her arm around Krystal’s without hesitation and lets herself be led into the restaurant.

It’s Italian. She can tell by the red and white checkered tablecloths. They’re a universal Italian restaurant staple. It’s warm and cosy and she can already smell the herbs and spices wafting from the kitchen. It’s mouth watering and she can’t wait. She hasn’t managed to find good Italian food in Seoul so she’s looking forward to this.

They end up on the third floor balcony. There’s a little table already set up, with candles in the centre and what looks to be a bottle of wine stuffed into a pail of ice underneath one of the chairs. The view isn’t anything special, but they’re high above the people on the street, and it’s just the two of them on the balcony; it’s a very private setting for dinner. Seungwan appreciates Krystal’s thoughtfulness.

It’s a little overwhelming for their first date though. Their only date? Does she even know that it’s a date?
Seungwan glances back at the very, very romantic setting; Krystal definitely knows it’s a date.

They sit and browse the menu. As stunning as the table setup is, it’s actually pretty difficult to read by candlelight and Seungwan can feel herself squinting. Across from her, Krystal does the same. Pasta, pizza, risotto, steak, all the things that Seungwan has been missing.

“I think I’m going to get the pasta.” Pasta. She misses a good pasta the most.

“Red or white?” Krystal asks from behind her menu.

“I prefer the red, I think it’s got more flavour.”

Her date makes a face. “My sister hates red pasta. She always gets the white. Nothing to do with the taste though. She just thinks white stains her clothes less.”

“That’s a very….specific reason.” Seungwan is amused. And secretly quite impressed. She remembers a favourite shirt stained beyond repair and thinks about abstaining from red pasta. She decides not to, it tastes too good and she does not have the willpower Jessica does.

“What can I say? Jess likes to look good. She said to me ‘Krystal, one does not spend this much time in the closet only to ruin their outfit by submitting to one’s tastebuds.’ I eat whatever I want anyway.”

Seungwan remembers that the first and only piece of advice her sister had given her about looking good was ‘If you think you look do, then you look good. Even if you don’t.’

She can feel a fond grin break out. “Older sisters right?”

“Older sisters.” They wear the same smile, the one all younger sisters know.

“I’m going to get the mushroom risotto. It’s hard finding good risotto. I love mushrooms, they’re meaty but not actual meat.” Krystal says, tucking her menu away.

She waits a beat and when she’s sure Krystal has nothing more to say, she ventures, “I tried to make risotto once.”

“I’m assuming it didn’t end well?”

“It took ages and the outside was still raw while the outside was soggy. Not to mention the wine almost set everything thing on fire.” It is her most spectacular kitchen failure to date. She’d been banned for a month, and was only allowed in when the burnt smell had finally cleared out and people had forgotten all about her mishap.

“Ah. It’s a good thing neither of us are professional chefs then.”


The waiter comes over and takes their orders. He also asks if they’d like to experience a complimentary string quartet. They politely decline. Seungwan really doesn’t want this to feel like it’s from a Disney movie. It one of the reasons she didn’t order the spaghetti.

“So…when are you free to help me out?” Krystal’s talking about that thing Seungwan has apparently agreed to. She still doesn’t know what it is.

“That depends on how long you’re going to need?”

“Not that long actually. The theme is ‘spontaneity’. So I’m just going to go with my gut.”

“Did you have a time and place in mind or?”

Krystal drums her fingers on the table and avoids meeting Seungwan’s eyes. “I was actually hoping we could do it during dinner. I brought everything I’d need.”

What exactly did she agree to? What exactly does Krystal plan to do?


“Great! Just let me grab my stuff.” Krystal leans out of her chair to rummage around inside a bag that Seungwan has just noticed. She pulls out a little black hard case and it looks familiar.

“Is that a camera?”

“How else am I supposed to take pictures of you?”


“Oh dear god. I am going to kill her.” There’s a look of dawning comprehension and a loud smack as Krystal slaps her forehead. “She did it again. Oh god why…” She sounds completely exasperated. She sounds nothing like her previously suave self.

“Who did what?”

“Taeyeon. She’s supposed to model for my photography class. She said she found a willing replacement.” Krystal’s lower lip juts out in a cute little pout. It’s not an expression Seungwan expects, it’s cute none the less. “I was really, really excited to shoot you.” She turns large, puppy-like eyes Seungwan’s way. “If you aren’t meeting me as my model, why are you here tonight?”

“It’s supposed to be a date.”



“Taeyeon and Tiffany?”

“Taeyeon and Tiffany.”

“They are in so much trouble. This is just like them to throw us into the deep end.”

Luckily their dishes arrive and they’re saved from further conversation. Seungwan is plotting revenge in her mind and from the furrow in Krystal’s brow, she isn’t the only one.

Seungwan is going to eat all of Taeyeon’s ice cream and slightly, very slightly adjust Tiffany’s colour coded wardrobe. It’s fifty shades of pink and Seungwan knows that just one misplaced item of clothing will drive her insane. They scare her half to death with a date, only for said date to not know it’s a date.

The pasta is as delicious as she had hoped. A full Seungwan is a happy Seungwan. A happy Seungwan has lowered defences. And practically non-existent inhibitions. And an inability to feel embarrassment. And also an abundance of ideas that could go terribly, terribly wrong or terribly, terribly right.

“I’d like to help you out. With the photos I mean. You already have all your gear here so…”

“Really?” Krystal’s smile lights up the balcony. Seungwan thinks it's the best view of the night.

“Yea. I’m already here. So we might as well. You’ve been so sweet and really, now that it’s not a surprise, I really don’t mind. It’s something new. And I’m keen on new experiences.”

“Great. Let’s get dessert first though, this place has killer gelato.”

Krystal pulls out her camera when Seungwan has a heaped spoonful of hazelnut gelato in . She tries desperately to chew, but there’s just too much. Flash. Flash. Flash.

“Krystal! Stop! Those are gonna look terrible!”

“Any photo with you in it isn’t going to look bad! Especially if you’re in that dress.”

Seungwan feels her cheeks warm and tries to stutter out a response.“I-I’m not prepared!”

“I’m going for the candid look. Just be natural! Get it? Be Natural? That was an iconic look.” There’s a quiet sigh before she hears more snaps of the camera. “You really suit dark hair. You going to go back to black?”

Seungwan plays with the blonde ends of her hair. It’s only been a few months since it’d been dyed and she likes it, having the top part dark means that it’s easy to grow out. But she doesn’t really enjoy the blonde parts. They’re always threatening to turn orange unless she constantly uses treatment.

“I don’t like light colours, they don’t suit me at all. Any darker shade of hair is fine. This hair is a pain to take care of. I had to sleep with a towel over my pillow for a week.”

“Mhhh.” Flash. Flash. Flash. “Look up. Hide behind your hair.” Snap. Flash. Snap. “Good. Great. Gorgeous.” Krystal leans forward, hovering over the table to take her shots.

“This isn’t a DSLR you know. It’s old school film. If it’s a good shot, it’s a good shot. It if’s terrible, it’s terrible. I actually have a darkroom in my basement.” More flashes of the camera. “It just makes it more real, you know, just getting that one chance to capture something. You only get one shot.” Krystal shoots her a cheeky grin, “You think you could seductively the spoon? For science? Promise I won’t show anyone.”

“Krystal! I’m not going to obey your every order just because you look really good in that suit!”

"You sure? Girls dig girls in suits."

The dinner ends when they finish their gelato and Krystal runs out of film. Krystal takes the bottle of unopened wine with with them when they leave. When it comes to the bill, Seungwan fights her for it. Krystal is enjoyable company and Seungwan finds that she has no regrets. It’s half a date and half impromptu photoshoot and she finds that she had a lovely time. It’s not what she expected, but she had fun all the same.

Seungwan does feel a tinge of sadness when they exit the restaurant. It’s their first date and it will be their only date. Krystal had said that she wanted to focus on her art and herself before embarking on a relationship. It’s a shame really, she thinks that they might work out.

There’s a car parked in a nearby alley, almost invisible if you don’t know it’s there and Seungwan is offered a ride home. It’s later than she expected it to be and there’s no other way to get home, so she takes it.

She shivers in the passenger seat, unprepared for the evening chill. Seungwan thinks that she should have bought along a light jacket and hopes that she doesn’t catch a cold. She sneezes.

Something soft hits her in the face.

“Did you just throw your blazer at me?”

“You’re cold. Put it on? Please? I don’t want to leave my date with a terrible impression.”


Seungwan slips the blazer on. It’s a good fit, if a little large.

“This is nice.” It’s warm and softer than she thought it would be. She wants one of her own.

“Yeah, it's Blanc & Eclare. Jess went through my wardrobe. She’s using me as a walking billboard.”

They make light-hearted conversation until they arrive at her dorm. Krystal offers to walk her to her door and Seungwan can’t find the heart to decline.


“So.” Seungwan leans her back against the door and stares at her heels.

“So.” Krystal wrings her hands.

They linger outside her door and Seungwan does not know what to do. It’s half a date and half not and not something she has experienced before. Krystal does not know what to do either. And so they stand outside, Seungwan leaning against the door and Krystal looming in front of her.

“I had a really good time tonight.”

“Thanks for being my model.”

Seungwan notices that there seem to be many moments of silence between them. A little too many.

“I’m going to kiss you now.”

“W-what?” Krystal stares at her, mouth slack and eyes wide.

“It’s a cheek kiss relax.”

“Oh thank god.”

“Hey! I’m a good date!”

“You were great. I’m ju-“

“Focusing on your art. I know. Bend down so I can kiss you. I don’t want to get on tiptoes in these heels.”

“As m’lady commands.”

“Down. Now.”

They part with a kiss on the cheek and Seungwan is relieved. It might have surprised the both of them, but it still ended up being a nice night for the both of them. She hopes they’ll be able to spend time together again, this time without anymore helpful actions on Taeyeon or Tiffany’s part.

She lets herself in with a smile and heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“Welcome home.” It comes out of nowhere and she is not prepared.

Seungwan spins around in a cascade of hair and holds a hand over her thundering heart, willing it to slow down.

Joohyun sits on the couch, presumably in the dark until Seungwan had let herself in and turned the lights on. Her arms are crossed and Seungwan is intimidated despite the lavender pyjamas.

“Joohyun-unnie? Why are you up so late?” She knows that she is the one that cannot sleep and that Joohyun has no problems. Recently, Joohyun has become the problem.

“I was waiting for you.” There’s something about the way she says it, soft and intimate, like a truth she’s admitting to the both of them. A truth that won’t be spoken during the light of day. Nighttime might as well be another world when it’s the two of them.

“Ahh. Thank you for waiting. There’s no need for you to wait for me, you know.” The words fall out, stiff and awkward and she knows that Joohyun notices. There’s a very slight stiffening of her shoulders and her lips thin. It's never been like this between them before. Neither of them like it.

“I can’t sleep if you’re not home. Sooyoung and Yerim said you were out and it was getting late and I got worried. Is that a new blazer? It looks nice.”

Seungwan knows Joohyun is aware of all the items of clothing in her wardrobe, she does insist on doing all the laundry, after all. Joohyun knows that the blazer isn’t hers.

“Ah. No. It’s not. It belongs to my date actually.”

“Date? Was he good looking?” Joohyun means to sound teasing, but there’s something else there. There’s something in her eyes; something new that Seungwan cannot yet name.

“She was very pretty.” She pulls the blazer tighter around herself and tries not to run.

“She.” The single word is almost snarled out and Seungwan can’t help the shake that starts at her fingertips.

Joohyun stands and moves closer, until they’re face to face. Seungwan flinches when slender fingers tuck a stray piece of her fringe behind her ears.

“I hope she took good care of you Seungwan. I’m going to bed.”

Seungwan is left standing by the empty couch. She stares at Joohyun’s retreating back and wonders about Joohyun’s words.

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