❥ Sweet and Unsweetened : 판왼크


Guanlin moved to Seoul, leaving his family behind. Being alone in a country he is not used to, it became quite hard for him to live. But one day, after his class he decided to go to a nearby coffee shop that made a great impact on his lonely life. 



As a transfer student, Guanlin still, having a hard time adapting to the new environment. Everyday as the class ends, he would go to this coffee shop near his so called school. Not only because it became his everyday hangout. Not only because everything on the menu is delicious. Not only because he doesn't want to go home early.


"You are here again. So like always, one chocolate cake?"

"No, a Park Jihoon please."

"Get out of our shop."


Guanlin is fond of the part-timer that made him realize that living away from his family in his new town is not a bad idea after all. That made him sociable to have many friends in his new school. That made him enjoy his new life. Except, when Jihoon always shuts him out, it's different.


Is his fondness to the person just him, wanting to be friends? Or is it something deeper?



Author's note:

Hello this is not my first time making a fanfiction, but first time posting here in asianfanfics. This is a park jihoon and lai guanlin (panwink) fanfiction. So mainly, it will be focused to them. But I am thinking of giving the other members a spotlight in here too. Comment your other produce 101 ships. I might include it here. Lastly, thank you for reading. I hope you will support my story. Love lots. 


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