A slice of the life of Yoon Jihye


Yoon Jihye is a normal 19 year old freshman. This is the story of her first year in collage and and the start of her adult life.


Hi guys! So yes I'm supposed to be on a hiatus and yes I should be working on The Visit but to be honest I have no ideas for it right now and I had a lot of inspiration for this story so I'm starting it. The characters in the story are all from Mirror except for Lim HyeJune, Bae Minjoon and Yoon Jimin. This story is structered in a kind of drabble format where each chapter is in a random timeline. If you've watched any slice of life anime, the story will kind of go like that. This is the first story that I've written using only OCs so I don't really know how long I will do it for. I hope you like it.


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