Not Together


Kyuhyun reminisces. About someone.


This is story is for Rena. Sorry I took so Long. And maybe it is not something you expect...but you know I just had to write this despite what I promised you. 

This story is in my mind for a while. I will probably have a part two....where Siwon reminisces too.

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BabyBugsy 11 streak #1
Chapter 1: So sad T___T
Chapter 1: There will be a Siwon's POV, right?! It's a very sad but beautiful one shot T-T
Angela17 #3
Chapter 1: How could youuuuu......!!! *Crieeees...
I bet you're smiling in victory now reading my comments..
kyu0306 #4
Chapter 1: I dont even remember when was the last time I log in into my aff account and read fics in here... I immediately went here when I knew you posted a fic here from twitter..

I always knew how an amazing writer you are, but damn I didnt prepare myself from this.. especially that part when you said that they're not together anymore.. LIKE... WHY.... I DIDNT SEE IT COMING... and my heart is breaking so much, I got teary eyes at the end of this fic... why why why......

I really really reallllyy wanna see it from Siwon's perspective, and I really hope you will tell us more story of them, you said it yourself their story hasn't ended yet, right??? Will wait for this!!!!!
Chapter 1: OMG!!! Nippy... wae!?!? Why???? TT____TT I knew you had to write something like this because of our twitter convos in our twdm :( No, I am not crying. No. Not. Andwae.
46 streak #6
Chapter 1: Hi nippy dear how are,and i hope your doing fine*^O^*thankyu for sharing this story here ,got carried away :(( crying while reading this wonkyu oneshot,and waiting for siwon part as well tc.wonkyu hugs for you.(^_-)*^O^*