The Wedding Crasher

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ed up.

If I were to explain the meaning of those two words for me, it would be endless.

Where should I even start?

The part where I crashed my own mother's wedding? Or should it be the part where I almost became half siblings with my arch nemesis a.k.a my so called ex boyfriend? Ah, maybe it should be the part where the person I used to sing lullabies for suddenly decided to make my life miserable on the very first day of school.

Forget it. That is not even the real start of this twisted .

The truth is, everything goes down the moment I first have to move to Seoul and meet the devil himself. 

Kim Taehyung.


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- revised description and foreword

- revised chapter 1, 2 and 3



Kim Taehyung starts calling me his little sister. Can anything be any more annoying than his voice repeatedly singing that nickname around me?

"Stop that." I finally say as I turn around to shoot him a glare. He feigns a terrified expression before snorting at me.

"Stop what? You're gonna have to be more specific, my dear sister."

I roll my eyes. "Listen, we are not yet siblings. The wedding is by the end of this month."

"Exactly. If you think me calling you my little sister is annoying then imagine how I feel."

"Honored...?" I trail off.

" off. I won't ever accept a girl like you in my life. Probably as a maid but as a sister?" his face contorts in disgust as he gives me that stare. Yes, that up to down stare.

I cross my arms. "At least the hatred is mutual. i would rather live in the drain than living with you."

"How cute." he says sarcastically as he leans in to whisper in my ears. "Then tell your mother to call off the wedding."

"Well brother. Why not do it yourself?"

"Why would I do that when I have you to order around?" I clench my fists hearing that. This guy sure have his way with his words to get on my nerve this quick.

"Hey, if I can do that then I won't end uo here in this ing private high school. Nor would I end up living in your house."

"Then crash the wedding. I'll assist you in any way possible just-" he closes his eyes briefly before spatting through his gritted teeth. "Do anything to get that off my dad."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll make your whole life miserable you'd regret you ever stepped on this land."

"Ooh, scary." I coo at him mockingly and he hisses in response. "What can you possibly do to turn my life miserable when it's already ed up the first time I met you?"

"Oh trust me. I can do better than that." He steps closer to me, his face inching close to mine. I raise a brow as I take another step closer, leaving almost no gap in between us.

"I don't trust empty words you know." I say, my voice almost sounding like a whisper.

"I can show you now." He whispers back almost seductively.

"Well then the honour is yours-" 

Then it happened. His lips were latched on mine. His damned lips were touching mine in such a gentle manner that it doesn't register in my mind until he pulls away with a smirk on his stupid face.

"What the was that?" I ask in fury as I quickly wipe my lips with my sleeves. He grins in satisfaction as he turns around, his hands tucked inside his pocket.

"That was my move." he says confidently. "Two can play this game. Now it's your turn."

"Kim ing Taehyung." I spat through my gritted teeth. "You're gonna pay for this."

Before I get to run after him and land a punch on that perfect face (or even do anything, as a matter of fact), a group of girls surrounded me in the hallway.

"Did you just kissed our Taehyung?"

Our Taehyung- alright, what the hell..?

The girls starts to move closer to me, cornering me and making sure I can never run away. I can still see Taehyung's back in my sight while my back already touches the wall behind me. Ugh, I hate even the view of his back. But then my eyes quickly focuses on the situation in front of me.

Now this... this is what I am talking about.

ed up.


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