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Silver Dimension. Sun Mansion.

"Bei Bei!" Ah Xiang ran towards the man who stood in front of her home.

"Ah Xiang." Zhi Ge gave her a warm smile as she grabbed his arm, "Have you read what I wrote on your wrist previously?"

"I did! I tried to avoid the area while I'm bathing too!" Ah Xiang revealed her wrist.

Upon seeing the familiar character which was still clearly visible on her wrist, Zhi Ge felt a sense of reassurance.

"So, what does this 'Wu' (武) word meant?"


Zhi Ge almost fell off, "That's not Wu!"

"It's not?" Ah Xiang looked at her wrist again, baffled.

Zhi Ge patiently held her hand and placed his finger on top, drawing a line across the character. "You have to pronounce it separately."

"Zhi... Ge?"

Zhi Ge felt a sense of sorrow overwhelming him, "Ah Xiang, can you promise me that you will remember these two characters forever?"

"Is there any special meaning behind these two characters?"

Zhi Ge shook his head (Means 'yes' in Silver Dimension) and looked up at the sky, "The sky's beautiful."

"Bei Bei..." Ah Xiang suddenly felt uneasy as she looked at Zhi Ge's back. There is something not right with him today. What could it be?

"Ah Xiang, I'll sing you a song?" Zhi Ge looked at Ah Xiang, showing his usual signature smile.

Ah Xiang shook her head, "Sure!"

They sat down on the grass patch, with Ah Xiang resting her head on Zhi Ge's shoulder.


The next morning. Sun Mansion.

"Bei Bei?" Ah Xiang woke up and realized there is no one in sight, "Annoying Bei Bei! He must have left for school without me!"

[Ah Xiang, I love you.]

What was that?

Ah Xiang clutched her chest, feeling a sharp pain unknowingly.

Why does she felt her heart aching?

Droplets of water fell to the ground.

Ah Xiang touched the side of her eye, why is she crying?


After that, Ah Xiang went back to Dong Han Academy and realized Liu Bei has changed. He not only badmouth Cao Cao and Sun Quan, and also got intimate with Gan Zhao Lie. She tried to talk to Liu Bei about this issue, but Liu Bei managed to sneak off everytime. One day, to Ah Xiang's dismay, she overheard Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang talking about "Fake Liu Bei". She forced them to tell her the truth and Zhang Fei revealed that the one who have been with them through thick and skin was actually not Liu Bei, but someone else from Gold Dimension with the name of Zhi Ge. Ah Xiang wanted to find Zhi Ge at Gold Dimension, but was captured by her father, Sun Jian. It turned out that the real Sun Jian was killed, the current imposer is actually Tong Long from Gold Dimension. In short, a war occured and Silver Dimension regained its peace once again. Ah Xiang bid goodbye to Sun Quan and friends and she departed to Gold Dimension...

Gold Dimension. Ba La High School.

"Xiao Ge, what are you looking at?" Qiu Qiu asked.

Zhi Ge shook his head,"I just had a feeling that I have forgotten something. But I can't remember what it was."

Gu Zhan and Qiu Qiu looked at each other. The punishment given to Zhi Ge for falling in love was a complete wipe of his memory in Silver Dimension. Everyone in Zhong Ji Yi Ban has agreed not to reveal anything to Zhi Ge, in order to protect him.

"Excuse me, do you know the way to Zhong Ji Yi Ban?" A girl appeared in front of Zhi Ge.

Zhi Ge looked at the girl, with an unreadable expression on his face. Why does he felt a sense of familiarity coming from this girl? He has never seen her before.

Gu Zhan and Qiu Qiu looked at each other, and then sneaked away silently.

"We're from Zhong Ji Yi Ban! We can go there together! Zhan-" Zhi Ge turned away, and realized his two friends were long gone.

He scratched his head, "They were here a moment ago..."

The girl chuckled, "You're still the same."

"Huh?" Zhi Ge didn't understand what she meant. He reached out his hand, "I'm Zhi Ge. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Tong Tong."

The End.

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Chapter 1: this is so sad :(
Chapter 1: this was so cute!
lisaowusu98 #3
i wish you would write more english stories. i love the ko one series but there isnt any fanfic out there. Thanks for writing your stories.