We Don't Sell Our Souls


At this, Yoongi chuckled a little. He slapped a hand on the edge of the piano and pulled himself up, looming over Naeil, bringing his face so close it was almost unbearable. She could feel her expression contorting at the overwhelming stench coming from his mouth.

“Not true?” he whispered. His face was stone serious. “Prove me wrong.”

She pulled up a hand and placed it on his chest, partially to keep him from coming closer, partially to keep herself from falling backward. It shocked her, the feeling of his chest and even more, the feeling of his pumping heart, beneath his skin, his muscle, his ribs. It kept on pumping.

“This,” she said.

Yoongi scoffed. “My heart?”

“Not that. Just the fact that you're living right now.” She looked up at him. “You haven’t died yet. That’s for a reason. There’s a reason you’re alive. Just because you don’t know what it is yet, just because you can’t tell from where you’re standing—it doesn’t mean there’s not a reason.”




Starting a fire in the girls’ bathroom is never a good idea. Starting a fire in the girls’ bathroom because some guy chased by gangsters needed to get rid of a sketchy package is definitely not a good idea.

He disappeared with the smoke.

That was how it should have ended—so why did he have to reappear? He was from a darker world, the cruel part of Seoul that Naeil had been running from all her life. Turns out, she wasn’t the only one running.






We don't cry at nighttime





We don't hide at dawn





We don't run from gangsters





We don't blink at guns





We don't look for trouble





We don't want the world





We don't feed our demons





We don't sell our souls









This story wasn’t supposed to exist - I told myself I wouldn’t write another one after I finished the first, but I couldn’t help it...

Last fanfic I wrote was to help me practice my writing. I’m writing this because there are a lot of aspects of the HYYH/Wings era that have really affected me personally entering adulthood and trying to find myself, and I just wanted to express that, I guess

There's a lot of cool symbolism BTS/their managers put effort into for HYYH/Wings MVs, but it doesn't play a big part in this fanfic (like none of the multiple personality stuff, sorry). I feel like there is a lot of story you can pull from the characters presented in those MVs which express a lot of the things we go through in life, and I wanted to focus on those inner stories. You'll probably notice a looooot of things from MVs in this fanfic.

Even though this story is nearer to my heart than the last one, I still have the same goals:

1. Finish it

2. Make it enjoyable/entertaining

3. Make it understandable, readable, and with good grammar

But this time with more of a focus on expressing myself rather than just writing well.

And like I said before, even though I’m writing BTS fanfic, I hope anyone will enjoy reading this just as a good story on its own!!

I will gladly and super enthusiastically take any feedback, positive or negative! The best part of writing for me is interacting with all of you who take the time to read my work and share your thoughts on it!!!


Chapters are pretty short, but there will be a lot of them, hopefully two every week.....if I can survive.

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Chapter 47: Chapter 47: OKAY!! So you decided to kill my nerve system?!! OH WAIT! I don't even know if it's how it's called!!
You got it, I'm going crazy because of you, Miss.
The title sounds dramatic and funny at the same time. Is that even actually possible? x)
Side-note, I just discovered there was an 'edit' button for comments. Am I the only one?
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Chapter 46: Oh my god!! What's going on?!
That cliffhanger is too much!! ARGH!
Chapter 46: Ok....somebody better rescue them... -.-
Chapter 44: Hahaha it's okay, don’t worry! Everyone makes mistakes! It's funny tho xp
But hey! I'm worried sick for Naeil! You can't do that to me!!
I feel like I'm riding a freaking emotional roller coaster
I'm loving it
ParkSooYun_ 1 points #7
Chapter 43: Wowww I'm totally in love with this story and I really want a new chapter! The story isn't confusing and there is always new things happening. Every chapter makes me have the feeling "what the hell is going to happen next? I need to read more"
Can't wait for the update! 파이팅 !
I have to find a day to binge read this! I'm drowning in subs, but I can't help but add this one too. lol
Chapter 43: Eyy i see those Run mv reference ;))
Chapter 43: This chapter hurt my heart... ㅠㅠ