Enough With 70 Days

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Living in another country alone is never easy. Especially when you are jobless and can only rely on the money you get every month from your family. Im Yu Jin experiences it all. When she gets an offer to work as a stylist in Korea, she couldn't be happier. But fate has never been easy for her. Accepting the offer means she needs to go back to her hometown and work as a stylist of one of the rising group in South Korea for 70 days. But how can she accept the offer when one of the members is her husband?



I took a tiny step inside the apartment and walked hesitantly through the living room. My hands grasped the strap of my bag while my breath become short as I saw the sight of them sitting in the kitchen.


"Guys, we have a special guest over here."


All of them looked up almost at the same time upon hearing their manager's voice. I could sense variation of respond from their facial expression. The one who was sitting on the floor nearest me shocked at my sudden appearance while the one next to him giving me a hateful look. The one who sat on the chair beside the two had a questioned look on his face. Meanwhile, the rest who sat at the dining table had the same expression as mine. We didn't know how to start a simple greeting.


I didn't intend to appear arrogant. Truthfully, I was scared. I was scared to speak in front of him. I couldn't even meet his eyes.


It's all because of him.


Him, who was amongst these seven guys. The man that I hadn't seen for almost one year. He is my husband. My secret husband.



Hello, this is my second story. This story is purely fictional and by my own imagination. Please support this story by commenting, subscribing and up voting.

Published on: 17/07/31






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Leahfreya #1
Chapter 5: Hmmm this story is sooo interesting yet frustrating..... i want to know who the husband is. Do you even know authornin? Hahahaha
Yugyeom is too angry so it isnt him. Jaebum and jinyoung are too friendly. So its either Jackson or Youngjae.... if its Mark then most fanfics out there are about mark hahaha
fArhonEy #2
Chapter 3: Please update more aurhornim~~~❤❤❤