we came crying hither.


Sunggyu walks the distance between sunsets and smiles, and Howon is in love.



yesung - all but you, my dear


inspired in part by the great attractor (and gravity binds you to me)


there will be three parts. i did use shakespeare. he is in the public domain.


i did create the cover. please do not steal it.


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moonlightbeneath #1
Chapter 3: I did not understand the ending......
Chapter 3: So sad and beautiful. Thank you ^^
tealconundrum #3
This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for writing this!
rhe3a_1891 #4
Chapter 3: T,T
Chapter 2: It's sweet and a bit sad ^^ I Like this story... Thank you ! And the Cover is beautiful: Good Job ^ - ^
rhe3a_1891 #6
Chapter 2: Poor howon ...
Update hwaiting ...
rhe3a_1891 #7
Chapter 1: Hwaiting ...