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Prompt: Dooseob are parents to four adorable rascals, just an insight to what their usual day is like in the household.
Additional: Doojoon spoils his kids too much because he's a pushover for them

Just a quick example for anyone interested (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡



"I told you to stop buying him toys, we're gonna be in debt because of this."

Doojoon readjusts his arms into a comfortable position supporting his youngest child, before shamelessly cooing at how adorable Dongwoon was babbling away in his arms.

"Doojoon are you even listening to me?"

"Yes, yes. But seobie look at him" he carefully unlatches the chubby arms off his neck turning Dongwoon around as he comes face to face with Yoseob "how can I say no to him? Anyway its fine, I also bought toys for the other kids too so they won’t be jealous."

The same chubby arms stretched out towards Yoseob. His gaze immediately softens at the sight in front of him, taking the baby in his arms he hands over the toy dog while happy chirps spill from Dongwoons lips. "I sent you out to buy stuff we actually need, I even gave you a list didn't you read it."

"I can just go out tomorrow again, its fine; you need to stop worrying so much."

Yoseob rolled his eyes at the comment, right hand gently patting the babies back listening to him chatter nonsense in the crook of his neck. "Where are the rest of my adorable little rascals?"

"They're in their--"

"Appa! Hyunseung hyung got his hands stuck!" Two pairs of brightly covered socks came thundering into the living room. Just behind Yoseob's legs arrived their eldest son and second youngest.

Doojoon crouched down to their level ignoring the groan of his knees when he bent over, "Seung, how did you get your hands stuck?"

Hyunseung purposely looked away from Doojoon refusing to meet his questioning look. He fumbles with his fingers like he always does once he's cornered but it isn't possible to do so with his fingers stuck with glue and orange glitter. "...elephant."


"I was trying to make an elephant... but I got stuck."

He brought Hyunseungs small glittered hands into his palm, "Is this all that happened?"

"I also spilt some glue on the floor."

"Well that's okay, just as long as you aren't hurt." Doojoon smiles carding his fingers through Hyunseungs long fringe. He kept in mind about having the boys needing a hair cut soon.

Yoseob sighs before passing Dongwoon back to Doojoon much to the maknaes dismay. "Come on seungie, I'll help you wash your hands, okay?” Hyunseung nods waddling over to Yoseob as he trails behind him into the kitchen.

"Appa can I hold woonie?"

Kikwang looks up at him with his wide bright eyes silently pleading; Doojoon obliges either way shifting the maknae into Kikwangs arms slowly. He laughs endearingly at his youngest two watching Kikwang trying his best to be careful while handling his youngest brother.

"Where's your grumpy hyung? I haven't seen him in a while."

Dongwoon makes a reach for Kikwangs hair, softly tugging the ends."He's sleeping."

"Sleeping?" Little Kikwang nods his head ushering Doojoon to follow him into his hyung’s shared room, just as he said Junhyung was sprawled out on the floor snoring away. Kikwang makes his way over to the low drawing table sitting the maknae in his lap as he shows off the colourful pictures he drew. Meanwhile Doojoon stands from his spot grinning at Junhyung being dead asleep on the worn out play rug. He takes this opportunity to take his phone out instantly taking multiple pictures of his sleeping son; it was all going well until the loud shutters woke him up.

"Junhyung. You shouldn't be sleeping on the floor like that, if you moved anymore to the right you would've gotten your hair stuck on the puddle of glue by your head. And that means I would have to shave your head bold."

Slowly sitting up he curled his right hand into a fist rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes, "Appa said it's not good to lie."

"It’s also not good to sleep on the floor."

Without receiving an answer back Doojoon simply watched Junhyung wobble over to his bed dragging a stuffed Pikachu with him before sitting himself next to his appa.

"I don't want to be bold." The frown on his face deepens.

This time Doojoon obnoxiously laughs collecting his grumbling son in his arms to smother him in kisses ignoring Junhyung’s weak protests (because he knows Junhyung actually loves his sloppy kisses and hugs really)

"What's so funny?"

Junhyung snatches the chance to escape his ridiculous strong hold to sit next to Kikwang and Dongwoon. The oldest two watched over their maknae colour in with a blue crayon as it collides with Kikwangs purple scribbles. Not long after Yoseob arrives in the room with Hyunseung holding his right hand. Both hands now clean and sticky free. He lets go to return to his original place next to Junhyung to finish off his green elephant drawing.

Eagerly smiling at Yoseob he pats the empty space next to him with a playful wiggle of his eyebrows. The other finally sits himself down embracing the warmth of Doojoon’s arm around his waist. Leaning into his side, the duo watch their kids occupy themselves for the next thirty minutes until they got hungry for dinner.

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