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JoA - I Like You! 


Dec 10 | Confirmed deadline December 15!

JoA is a six-member girl group formed by AOSU Entertainment, a subsidiary of AOMG Entertainment. They are the first group to be under either label, and the their debut is very much anticipated. Will they be a hip-hop group? A generic girl group? A cover group?

Well, no one knows yet, but coming from Jay Park and Simon Dominic, JoA is sure to have quality music. However, will the members be able to keep up with the idol life? Do the members know something that no one else does? Most importantly, will they last in the industry?



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author's note


Finally_Home: Hello! You can call me Maggie, and this is the second applyfic we've collaborated on. The other one has already started, but I wanted to do a girl group apply as well, so I roped Annie into it. Sorry not sorry lol. Yeah, we cuss and everything, and we enjoy humor, but by comparison, this story will be a bit sadder than our other one. Also, we're both in junior year (11th grade American), so we'll be really busy. Please forgive.

marshybleep: Heyyyyyy! I'm Annie the glorified editor! Btw, the fanclub color is #dd93ff lavender. 

debut song: Secret
original: WJSN
fanclub: Joheun



title — JoA - I Like You!
authors — Finally_Home / marshybleep
genre — slice of life, friendship, light angst, romance
characters — tbd
disclaimer — We are not responsible for any feels this story might bring you. No copyright infringements intended. We have nothing to do with either GFRIEND or BoA. GFRIEND's pictures were used because they have six members; our group name formatting was a coincidence.
deadline — tbd

Considering how midterms are around this time (and how lazy we are) we might be delaying our next chapter lol

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Chapter 16: omg this chapter.
i love this so much :')
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