Why Did I Fall In Love With YOU? (Alternate Ending Series - ONGOING)

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ANNYEONGGIE~! My 3rd and latest fic.

This will be an semi-/romance/drama fic.





HIS Princess

You are the only daughter of the Lee family.

A very sweet, kind, loving and adorable sister or friend anyone can have - THAT'S YOU.

You are like an angel who fell on earth -

with your goddess-like face and model-like body, every girl would kill just to be the same with you.

Too bad, people tend to notice more of your looks than who you really are.




The dear BROTHER

Your brother - the only person you can call FAMILY.

He is the ideal guy of all women around you - which makes you burn up in jealousy.

He's the kindest and most gentle guy when you get on his good side.

Sad to say, at times he is quite the roughest when you mess with him, 

the prankster and he might make jokes that drive you outta your mind.

But nonetheless, you still love him so much - More than JUST A BROTHER.


Well, for now, I won't be introducing the other characters of m story just yet. ^^

Title is obviously inspired by DBSK's 'Why Did I Fall In Love With You'.

Pardon me if you might dislike this story, but I wanna try out other genres.

I hope, like in my other fics, you all show your love and support through the comments area.

Last but never the least, EVERYONE PLEASE ENJOY~ ^^

P.S. I might have long gaps from time to time in updates,

but I promise to try my best in updating interesting chapters.


He grabbed me by my wrists and stared at me like he was some stray cat who needs an owner,

someone who can love him and never be able to let him go.

"What- Why- How- Ugh!"

He grunted, frustration taking all of his words far away from his tongue.

"J-just tell me. Be honest."

His breathing was unstable, must be caused by all the running and chasing around I made him do,

but that's what he THINKS of me, right? JUST SOME OTHER BURDEN.

"Did you h-hear ev-e-everything?"

He asked, his head was now hanging down while his muscular arms trapped me between the wall and him - he held me tightly - painful yet it tries to wake something inside of me.


I said firmly, while gritting my teeth, placing the emphasis on each word. Now as he heard me say those, I felt his grasp upon my arms weaken and when I finally caught a grasp of his figure, he was now by his knees in front of me.

I tried looking at his eyes, but since they were covered by his black bangs, I only saw the few drops of tears that fell on the foor and left an obvious evidence his cheeks -

'I hurt him.'


[WhyDidIFallInLoveWithYou] is now UPDATED~ :)

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