I'm Not Okay

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Chanyeol has always been the happy virus of EXO. Always making the other members laugh and alleviate their stress. But there are times when he was the one needing that happy virus.


Inspired by Chen's I'm Not Okay for Missing 9.


Just a short story ( more like a drabble, really) about EXO's happy virus, Chanyeol. I just thought of this when I saw a clip of their guesting in Starshow 360 where he said he cried and nobody knew that it happened. It just made me wonder how the other members couldn't know. And my answer is that Chanyeol was probably hiding it well from the others which is super sad :(


So yeaaah I hope you like it :)


Update: I forgot to say this was also inspired by Chen's I'm Not Okay for Missing 9 (Where Chanyeol was one of the cast WOOOOOH) 

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elly_eleanor #1
Chapter 2: Why don't u continue this ?
Chapter 1: Boiii I need more of this :') i cry