The Perfect Match


"It's like we're a perfect match, right?" He jokingly asks. Right?


A series of time-jumps mainly focusing on Jiwoo and her relationship with Taehyung. Starts from her first day to the first day. You'll get what I mean.

Author's Note: Not sure how to use the foreword. And, probably my only story I'll ever write here. Enjoy!


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Lilliana_Lily_Lieben #1
Chapter 1: It was so beautiful. It was different than those other fan fictions where they used end up together as a couple. It wsd light hearted and those they were like a couple, it felt more like best friends. All and all it was a really lovely story. I really like it a lot. Thank you for writing this beautiful story. Hope to get more writings on Kard. Good luck.
Chapter 1: Wow I love your fics please write more! Realistic and great writing keke I'm just new to this ship and your fics are on point with their personalities, I'm liking them even more! Please follow me on twitter I would like some JiSeph mutuals ^^
crossing_by #3
Chapter 1: yaaayyy!!! so cute~
Your fanfics gives me LIFEEEEEEEEEEE! ❤❤❤
Can you please write some more? Pleaaaase...
KimN97 #6
Chapter 1: Cute! Please write more j.seph x jiwoo stories author-nim
Chapter 1: Coffee & Muffin omggggf. I ship those two so badly and I love your story. Please write more Coffee & Muffin stories.
fyumi92 #8
Chapter 1: OMG this is so cuutee.. and the ending is too cuutee