My gift to you


Chirstmas Eve will tora be able to give his present to shou...?

Will he make it in time....?

But wait aren't they at the same place....?



The 182cm male with raven like hair wakes up from his slumber. He panicked a bit looking around his surrounding, and then he remembered. Tora was in America visiting his family for Christmas. He sighs and looks at his phone “6:30am,” he read to nobody. The male stretches his hands up in the hair, and yawns like a cat. He looks besides him and noticed emptiness. “Kohara…” /flash back\ Tora looks at his boyfriend cuddled up in his arm humming along "time machine." Shou knew how much Tora loved the song so he hums it. Like always there was a twist, they both sang or hummed the song if the other was going away on promotion or something the manager asks them to do apart. This time it was because Tora and Shou aren’t going to spend Christmas together. Tora is going to America, and Shou hated it. After crying for 30mins or so he finally settled down in Tora’s arms. As for Tora he made sure the other stops crying by wiping his tears, kissing his eyes, and simply holding the other male in his arms and crying along with him. Tora tangled their fingers together and looked down at the other male. “Come on baby, smile a little for me.” Shou smiles at the other and kissed the other. Tora smiles and held the boy in his arms and cuddles him “You will still get your present.” Shou beams and finally gave in “Shinji, I love you; I just wanted to cuddle like this and kiss you. It’s our first Christmas, together.” Tora nods, “I know my baby koala, so do I; I promise.” Shou sighs and nods leaning up to pamper the other with little kisses on his face. Tora couldn’t help but to giggle, Shou’s kisses were always so gentle and full of love. After that day, Shou got a call from his mother asking him to come down to visit here, ‘great’ shou thought and sighed. The male with beautiful light brown hair told Tora, and Tora drove him home. They kissed and departed their own way. Shou at his parents’ house and Tora on a plane to America/flash back ends\ Shou looks at the clocking counting back hours of what time might it be for his boyfriend right now. “Morning,” He said to himself in his empty room wrapped up in a futon. He plays with his phone tossing it around his hand, a text beeped through. The male looked at his screen seeing a text from Nao saying “4649 (yourokshikyu) merry Christmas eve.” The other groaned and sighs burying his face into his pillow falling asleep. After 30mins the male wakes up and looks at the phone, “11:30pm……” he read with a sad tone. A similar ring filled his empty room, causing Shou to jump a bit and he looks at his phone and a bright smile appears on his face. The 178cm male ran to turn on the lights and opened his laptop. He typed his password faster than you can say sonic; he opened his Skype just in time to answer the video call mode. Then there he was on the other side of the screen smiling like an angel at him. He didn’t know why he hugged his computer screen; Tora doing the same. They both smiled “Hey Shinji, you have no idea how happy I am to see you.” Tora chuckles and pulls out to looks at the male he dearly loves “Kohara, I miss you, but this is the best I can do. My mom is coming there tomorrow; you will receive everything you asked for.” This sentence cause Shou to blush and smile even more, “You have to come here and gets yours, and give me yours personally.” Tora giggles and nods “yes sir,” they both looked at each other as if there was no computer in between them, as if they were about to break the fourth wall. (TORA POV.) He could feel his cheeks hurting just from seeing the other smile. Tora spoke again “The usual text from Nao-san-?” The other laughs and nods “You know it, what’s up with him and using numbers as a method of talking,” Tora responded “I truly don’t know what’s going on that guys mind. I swear he is so weird,” Shou nods and plays with his hair responding back “Hiroto and Saga responded by saying merry christmas, I fell asleep…” This causing both of them to laugh “Neh Kohara-kun, is that all you do you sleep,” Shou pouted “For your information, it is night here, if I didn’t nap, I wouldn’t have the time to talk to you,” He puffs his cheeks and looked away from the screen. Tora couldn’t help but to help, he presses his finger on the camera indicating a poke and saying “Boopz,” the other ignored him; so Tora continued to boop the other until Shou started to laugh and booping the other back. Shou shakes his head, “How is your family-? Did you eat-? How was your sleep-?” Tora smiles at the other cuteness and nods each time he was asked a question, “Fam is good, I eat, I hope you did, I slept well but did feel cold without my Koh not in my arms and waking up with me. How was your nap?” The younger responded “... I went to sleep cause I thought of us, and you. I missed you when Nao texted…” Shou looks at the other, Tora smiles and responded “I am here to make you smile, Shou you know you’re my better half. Now tell me how your Shinji will smile if his other half is sad hmmm…” The other laughed while blushing “Oiiiii, stop it, okay.., I am smiling, I love you my tiger-kun.” Tora laughed and pecks the camera his bottom lip pericing touching the screen. He tilts his head to look at the other and smiles. “My little Kohara, I love you and my little prince Merry Christmas.” This causes Shou to blush even more and shakes his head, “Cheesy ball of tallness, Merry Christmas.” He pecked the other back and smiles looking at him the same way the other was. They both giggled and backed away from the camera. Tora something that was close to him and it was bubble tea, he sips on the drink. “Neh Tora, isn’t it cold in America?” Shou said cuddling up to his futon and looking at the other drink the tea. Tora nods and sneezed, he laughs “I am sorry…, hahahahha, I am fine baby. Plus it was you who got me addicted.” Shou shakes his head and saying “Bless chu…, drink warm tea,” The other nods and puts the boba away. “Shou, you got skinner, don’t tell me yiu didn’t eat dinner.” The other bites his lip and ducked his head to hide. “Go and nom right now, or I am hanging up right now.” Shou groans and shakes his head "STAYYYY--" Tora nods and saw show get up getting himself some food to eat. Shou giggles pretending to feed the other and teasing the older male. Tora groans and Shou laughs eating the food in front of the other. Tora got a chicken piece and noms along with his boyfriend. (A SMALL MEAL AND WATER DRINK LATER.) Tora smiles and turns on screen sharing; showing the other his background which was a ton of picture of them together. Shou smiles and the screen sharing stopped; he looks at the other and they started to talk about things that have been happening lately. Shou yawns and Tora noticed it was late there; they manage to talk for 4hrs without noticing. Tora smiles “Baby, go to sleep,” the other shakes his head, “but…,” Tora chuckles, “We will Skype again tomorrow I promise my little kitten.” The other nods and pulls the laptop closer and smiles “I am going to hold you up on that,” the other laughs and nods. Shou “Shinij, Good night…” a long goodnight filled with love was spoken by the sleepy boy. Tora smiles “Kohara, Good night…” a long goodnight filled with fondness and care was spoken by the awake boy. They both shared a kiss and smiled at each other. The call ends with that soft vibe with them. Shou goes to sleep right after the call ends, with his laptop on and revealing a picture of him and Tora, on his back ground. The male going into wonderland as the other goes off to shower and greet his family.



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