Mirror of Fate


What happens when DO looks at mirror?


AND ALSO English is not my first language, but please enjoy the story. 


DO is checking himself out from a mirror. His hands start to tangle in his hair. He smirks as he admires his pale skin and his god like looks. He stares deep into his angelic eyes. Then all of a sudden his vision is averted towards a girl. That girl was you, and he couldn't stop looking at you. You were blushing widely and shyly looking at him through the mirror. He was staring at you and starting to admire your grace and your shyness. He smiles and turned away from the mirror to approach you. When he reaches to you, he hugs you from behind. He smiles as his hands slide around your waist. You blush as he does so, but you couldn't help to giggle at his action. He then guides you to the mirror, he was looking at before, and he looked in it while saying "I found my angel and I am looking at her". He placed a kiss on your cheek, and then you glanced up to see his smile which caused you to smile as well. You both walk together as you held each other hands,and the sun sets and live happily ever after.  


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