Rollercoaster of a Life time


After a terrible break up leading to horrible, unforgettable things, Jamie Samuels moves to live with her sickly grandmother. 

Starting at a new school, things don't change much for as she had hoped.

And of course, as luck would have it, she finds herself always bumping into one of the seven bad boys at her new school; something the rest of the school deems either lucky or dangerous. And very soon, one by one, she catches each boy's attention.

However, things aren't easy for her as she struggles with two jobs, nightmares when she can somehow sleep, insomnia and anxiety attacks not to mention her crazy, stalker ex-boyfriend hot on her trail.

As time develops and the bad boys welcome her, she learns that not everyone is as they seem and that no matter how small, every person has a problem of their own.

So what happens when she's forced to choose between three of the seven? She wouldn't want to be the reason the seven end their friendship. 

But she has no choice; she has to choose.

Join Jamie as she goes through everyday life as she comes to find that her life isn't as ordinary as one would hope.

She's in for the roller-coaster of a life time.

* * * *

As each boy faced her, each of them had their signature expression as they waited for her to answer their question. And when she finally realized that these seven idiots who ruined her life in a matter of months would not drop it, she let the words escape her lips. 

"He's my ex-boyfriend. And  really need your help right now."


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