Bedwetting accidents


Jungkook had been wetting his bed for the past three weeks now. 

what would happen is Jin found out?


Jungkook always has had this problem. He did a great job hiding it. Day after day, none of his hyungs found out. They didn’t even have a single clue about the activities of their maknae. They thought he was this perfect, handsome young adult, capable of everything if i put his mind to it. Someone with a lot of skills and was very grown up for his age. Being 18 years old but already acting like he was living on his own (which he was in some way, but with his 6 other friends).

No one suspected even the slightest tiniest bit. Until the day came that Jungkook was so tired that he forgot. He just forgot to be more careful. His ritual, which he had been doing for the past 3 weeks since it first occurrd again. He wasn’t paying attention, he was still half asleep. And boy he regretted that. Cause on that day, his oldest hyung, Seokjin found out about his secret.

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