Pool of Heartbreak


Youngjae regrets running away from his love and not being able to be there in the last moments of his life.

And then, Fate swirls up the waters, gives everything a twist, and suddenly Youngjae can see as clear as a glass bead.



Hi everyone~~!!!

I can't believe I managed to get this done XD

I thought of this idea a long time ago and it's been nagging at me for months so I decided to finally write it X3

If no one notices, my four best friends I met on here are mentioned.

See if you can figure out the OC's! XD

(It's not hard.. *^*)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy~!!!


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Chapter 1: I am like holy mother effin shi t but why couldnt thy regognize eachothers faces
ensernble #2