The Woes Of The Heart


For true love is found with the person who owns your heart. Yet, the person who has ownership of Kyungsoo’s beating organ has no knowledge of his possession. And Kyungsoo couldn’t allow him that awareness, frightened that the fall of an Empire would follow thereafter; an Empire built on the numerous years of their friendship which would crumble to the ground if his feelings were ever acknowledged. 


Unrequited love is an infinite curse.
Here is my fic entry for the Best Days of Our Lives fic fest!! ^^
I hope everyone who gives it a read will like it.
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(a/n at the bottom of the chapters)


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doksoo1201 53 streak #1
Chapter 5: ahhh, I really like this fic. I understand how Kyungsoo felt. I cried when Kyungsoo left the hotel ㅠㅠ but I am glad that it is a happy ending. Thank you so much for writing this fic!!!^^
doksoo1201 53 streak #2
Chapter 1: kyungsoo ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Chapter 6: Ahhhhh I LOVE IT, I LOVE ALL YOUR WORKS AND THIS IS AMAZINGGGG, I love Kyungsoo(his guarded character was justified and welll constructed) in this and I kinda wanted to end Jongin but he got better. I am a er for unrequited live stories so this hits the spot.
Sample #4
Chapter 5: It’s cliche but a good read
Oh my god this is so good! I finished it in one go (and I need more!!) I can definitely see myself re-reading this in the future!
Chapter 5: This is my second time reading this great fic and it make me cry for the second time I felt sorry for ksoo really he don't deserve all that sadness but the end was great thnx for the amazing story
Chapter 6: Love it! I even cried when ksoo left the hotel with a broken heart.... I can feel him and glad its was a happy ending.... Thanks foe writing authornim.... You did great!
I love this story <3 you made me feel every emotion Kyungsoo feels and it was such a great journey! thank you so much for writing it and I'm so pleased with how it ends <3
Chapter 2: She is obviously jealous of him... I think she can sense the menace, but Jongin is oblivious.
Poor sweet heart.

I like when Beak is one of his pillar, he is a very good friend.