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The Ultimate Guide For Fanfic Thirsty Exo-Ls 



 Anneyeonghaseyo ! You found my book ! WOOTS

About My Book - 

  •  I prefer Chaptered Stories than Oneshots.
  •  I have recommended tumblr fics as well which are in the Tumblr Fanfic Masterlist. => Chapter 153
  • If there is an important note or smth pls read it 
  •  I DO NOT read since I feel uncomfortable reading it . I will only recommend OC & Member Books . 
  • I will recommend more of OT12/6 , Baekhyun and Chanyeol ( since they're my biases aye ) ,  Kai and  others . 
  •  Rated M books are recommended (for you exo-ls like meh )
  • For rated M stories I will put M beside the story title
  • I LOVE MAFIA/GANG/LOTTO BASED FANFICS ! I too love angst , supernatural , fluff , comedy , slice of life ( not those cliché ones ) , thriller etc. books.
  •  B - Baekhyun , Chanyeol - Chanyeol , Kai - Kai , X - Xiumin , Lay - Lay , Luhan - Luhan , D - D.O , Suho - Suho , Sehun - Sehun , T - Tao , Kris - Kris , Chen - Chen . 
  •  I will try to update daily .

- Recommending Books -

  • You can recommend books in the comment section 
  • When recommending PLEASE give the LINK , GENRE , CHARACTERS ( OC & MEMBER ) .
  • NO

*cough* it will be great if u guys can recommend some mafia/gang/lotto fanfics heheh

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  •  Hidden | They say that the underworld is not a place for the weak. That it was dangerous and brutal. Well apparently my stubborn and naive mind didn't think so. [ ongoing ]

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Oneshots :

  • Beneath | In which she discovers the dark secret behind those beautiful figures and faces of models. And experiences it. 
25/2/18 - Update, Tumblr Fanfic Masterlist. I promise that next week I'll update more since my exams are ending


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Thank you for this!
SimplyPantsman #2
If anyone enjoys reading Sehun X OC fanfics, I would recommend the author “get2herheart”!!!
tardis356 #3
Chapter 133: This fic is one of my favorites right now and I think you might like it!
It's a Jongin x OC with a fluff and slice of life genre
affbabe #5
Chapter 136: Lucidbunny left aff (╥﹏╥)
I noticed you read quite a number of Baekhyun fics too, so, as a fellow EXO-L, I want to share a Baekhyun fic I love.

It's 'Cutlass' by Emilieee, I hope you'll read it! Sorry I can't give the link but if you search Cutlass it'll appear. I hope you will like it!

(Also thank you for the Tumblr fics, I didn't thank you when you published the recommendations so I thought I should do it now!)
are you ever read baekhyunXoc story has tag like royalty/kingdom ??
the story is telling about he as prince who bringing his fiance from another kingdom to his hometown to marrying her because her kingdom will destroy by upcoming war . and the last episode which i read is telling his father told him to cheating of his promise to the king of his fiance's kingdom or her father

please anyone tell me
Chapter 153: Ardor was such an amazing piece of writing, it gave off a mysterious vibe and although Baekhyun was a bit irritating and confusing in it, he was such a good character. I thought he was a vampire at first.
Thank you for recommending all these stories, it's much better than to search through the tags anyway :D