Mage University (Sequel to Mage Hunt: BTS Ver)


It has been more than a year after Jimin's death as Taehyung (under his nickname: V) wanted to become a mage where his main mission is to find Chen and put an end to his evil plan.

But, how can he find him if almost every day, the evil mage sent ghouls scattering the neighbourhood in order to consume human souls and him juggling with his university life? Not to mention that he now studies in Haneul University aka 마법사 (Mabeobsa) University, a camouflaged university for late-bloomer wizards and witches that teaches magic as well as normal courses.

Other than that, Baekhyun also has given him a task to find 6 people with special powers that resembles some mythical creatures to be recruited into finding the wicked wizard.

Can V be able to get it through?


Here you go!

The sequel for Mage Hunt: BTS Ver ^^

I'm so excited that finally, I have come up with an idea for this sequel!!

Now, I'm going to include all of BTS members (especially my bias: JIN ><) and some surprises for all of you!! It will be done in a bit like in the Harry Potter world.


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