My bestfriend's girl


If you had the chance, would you take it? 

Seunghyun and Alice were childhood bestfriends. Everyone that saw them would think they were a perfect match, all except for themselves. But fate pulled them apart, in totally opposite directions, thousands of miles from each other. The relationship continues to change due to distance, new relationships and circumstances that seems to be determined to keep them apart. Would they just move on and accept fate as it is? or will their friendship thruimph above all? But the question still remains, are they really meant for each other? Can they risk everything in their friendship for such a subjective thought of LOVE?


Guys I'm so happy to be back! Finally!

I've been working on this story for nearly a year. I hope it's my best one yet. It took so long because life got in the way. I finished my bachelor. I lost family members and I gained new experiences. This story deals with my own raw emotional feelings which I hope will resonate to you fellow readers. 

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Love, Ary.

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Clk387 1 points #1
Seriously the best story I’ve read in a looooong time! Tugged at my heart in so many ways, I cried like a baby in so many chapters. Thank you for taking the time to write this
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 27: I cry, this is amazing!!
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 3: this is amazing!!!!
[deactivated] #4
maikey14 #5
Chapter 27: Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! After everything they went through together and not together.
I feel like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings when he finished reading the book and threw it out the window
Anyway, thanks for this reading :D ... now I'm gonna see your other stories because apparently i'm sadistic and i wanna cry again
Chapter 27: T_T I really really really wanted them to be happy T_T
Chapter 26: Nooooooo!
Chapter 25: Awwww!
Chapter 27: You never fail to make me cry! And i love it =)

You're not predictable. I see it more like, tragic stories are your style. And it's great!
Happy endings became boring, and sadly, real life almost never has one.
I'm waiting for your future stories. You're a great author and even though you make me suffer, i love what you write.

Thank you!!! ❤
sssunnyh 1 points #10
Chapter 27: I really liked this story!!!