Eotteokhae?! I fell in Love with an Idol! (repost)


What happens if someone gives you an email which is shared between various Korean idols?
What if you get the chance to get to know your most favorite group and its members?
What if you fall in love with one of them?

This story is about a female K-Pop fan, who lives her life just like every other human being—that is until she gets to know her favorite boy group, making her world go upside down.


Author's Note: Such a lame description; I'm sorry about it. Truth to be told, this is a rather old fan fiction I have written around 2011. I'm re-posting it because I think it's somewhat amusing how I used to make this many errors back then and actually improved over the past years. Be warned though — some parts have been edited around 2012, so not everything is the way how I originally wrote it. Also, maybe I should warn you ahead that the relationships between the characters and some parts of the story line are very confusing (it even confused me while reading).

Disclaimer: All featured celebrities are merely borrowed and do not represent who they are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. All original characters and the plot are property of the author unless otherwise stated. This story is written solely for fun and the entertainment of fellow fans from the following fandom(s), therefor there is no profit being made from this fictional work. Do not plagiarize, re-post or translate.


Previous Title: It's called 'Love'

Credits: ashhhwx3 (C1|BG1)

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